Friday, 25 April 2008

Food for thought...

Balenciaga Runway Perforated Floral Print Foam Dress

Imagine my expression when I saw this dress made available online via Yes, this is one of the most memorable looks from Balenciaga that defines this season's trend and innovation in fashion. But at a super impressive price tag of UK 4570 pounds...will you dare to splurge on this dress(of course if you are a woman) and buy it online? Imagine a SGD $13,000 dollar item shipped and handled thru the hands of many people and enduring the rigours of air travel, while not being able to try out the item to see if it really fits you. For me, I cannot imagine, I will never attempt to buy anything this expensive online. What if it is lost in the mail? or damaged? Will Fedex or DHL insure against such a huge amount of money? Wonder who in the world is bold enough to do so. Maybe some rich mistress of some famous people. Will you make such a huge online purchase? Food for thought eh?

Retail price: UK 4570 pounds (Approx. SGD $13,115). Where to buy:

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