Friday, 25 April 2008

The Runway Sniper #06

Gucci Menswear Fall Winter 2008/2009

Fashion takes you places. Inspirations from all over the world are often influences in collections we see season after season. For fall winter 2008/2009, Frida Giannini of Gucci takes her men to Russia. Tousle-haired, dark-eyed gypsy boys dominate the runway, clad in skinny low slung velvet riding pants, folkish printed tunic while decorated excessively with scarves and chain belts dangling with coins and charms. It's an overwhelming collection that explodes with the decadence of Russia, with huge focus on accessories. A new Gucci symbol of the griffin is also introduced throughtout the collection, in the form of badges and embellishing boots and belts.

To some this may look too risky for a men's collection. Too rich with detailing which a lot of guys may not buy into the look. But I must admit, I love it. Perhaps not all, but if you managed to break down the overwhelming accessorized looks, you can find treasures in the individual pieces. I love the military inspired bomber jacket in tan/olive colour, beautifully decorated with brass stud buttons. A red jacket is also one of the key pieces that stood out on the runway. I adore the chain belts with charms and coins but I suspect it will cost you a leg and arm when it hits the stores. The studded wrap around belt is interesting and could work well as an accent piece for an otherwise simple outfit. Bags that work both as a tote and sling bag is my must-buy item. Done in a new colour of the monogram or black suede, these bags has amazing amounts of detailing with studs and Gucci crest, right down to adorning even the shoulder straps.

I have to admit, this is a clever way of putting together a collection. Becos the looks are a combination of so many elements, it can disperse into the stores as individual pieces that will see different consumers of varying budgets buying different items. A collection that will work for many budgets in this 'inflation plagued' time.

I have started to plan my fall winter 2008/2009 shopping. I know I will be putting a huge chunk of my fall fashion $$$ on Gucci next season.

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