Thursday, 24 April 2008

Gender Bender #16

Balenciaga Thyme Green Weekender Bag

I have been wanting to post this bag here since I started this blog. It seems Balenciaga Weekender Bag is a recurrent classic bag, it never goes out of style, so I have put off posting this bag for a long time.

What I am featuring here is the women's version of the Balenciaga Weekender Bag. There is also a men's version which if your male psyche do not allow you to buy women's bag, do not fret.:-) You have the men's version to fall back on.:-)

So what is the difference between the men's and women's weekender? I ask this question to myself as well. So I check with the SAs at Club 21 and the women's Balenciaga store and this is the answer I got:

1) Mirror - The most distinctive difference for this bag between both genders is the mirror that is attached to the women's version. Of course, guys will not have that luxury of being able to check on themselves all the time...nevertheless, the mirror can be removed if guys decide to buy the women's version.

2) Size - Apparently, the men's weekender is slightly larger than the women's version. The difference is not too much, but as a true fashionista and fashionisto, even a 1 cm difference can make or break a look. So depending on your frame and build, choose the size that most suits you.

3) Handle length - Guys have bigger arms and shoulders so they need longer handles to sling the bag on their shoulders. So remember to try the bags on and decide which one is most comfortable. Becos I am slim, both works for me.

4) Prices - Can you believe it...smaller sizes, shorter handles and an extra mirror for the women's weekender actually cost you more than the men's version. The price may be SGD$100 difference..but to some, this could be a deciding factor on which version to buy.

5) Colour range - Lastly, my most important consideration...:-) the colours for women's weekender bag comes in a exciting multi range of hues, while the men's version is limited to masculine colours. I have only seen Black, Brown, Blue and other more subdued colours in men's range. So for me, if I want something a bit more outstanding, I go for the women's version. I have seen a guy carry a bright red version and it looks so chic! I love the coral green version(as featured on the pics) I saw the other day at the women's Balenciaga boutique. Might be too colourful for some guys..but I love it. Who knows, I may get that if I suddenly feel like a splash of colour to add to my bag collection. So I am contemplating hurries though, this is a recurrent bag...never too late to get it, except the colours you want might be unavailable next season.

So here you go, my blabbering for Balenciaga Weekender Bag. Hope it helps to make sense of the difference and enable better decision making when it comes to buying this beautiful timeless bag.

Retail price:
1) Women's Weekender: SGD $2799

2) Men's Weekender: SGD $2699

Where to buy:
1) Balenciaga Boutique at Hilton Hotel (Women's)

2) Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel (Men's)

6 comments: said...

i <3 balenciaga

i saw some preview pics that one of the f/w 08 colors will be grey. they match the color of the hardware to the color of the bag too.

i still like the courier.

oh i <3 balenciaga

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh cool, grey will be a good colour! is it the men's version?


Bagaholicboy said...

great post! very informative! ;)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thank you:-) I try my best to put my inquisitive shopping mind to use:-) so I dun feel I have wasted so much time on shopping all the time. hahahah. Glad the post shed some insight on this balenciaga bag.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys mean the handles are actually longer and bigger on the mens weekender?? That has been my biggest prob with weekender (and work) bag.I'm a girl, not very big, but like to carry the bag over my shoulder comfortably. Thanks for all the info!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, the handles for the guy's version is slightly longer. as guys have bigger arms and need more room under the arms to shoulder carry comfortably. The handles are more of less the same thickness for both versions. Not much difference there.:-P One thing is I find the men's too big, good for weekend trips but not so much for daily use. Your call:-) try it to see what works best for you.