Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Gender Bender #17

Alexander Mcqueen Flapper Novak bag

Another amazingly chic shoulder style bag from the ingenious Alexander Mcqueen. A different spin from his classic Novak range of bags, this Flapper Novak Bag is larger and taller. Crafted with beautiful dove coloured leather, and embellished with shiny metal buckles and zippers, this is another bag that screams 'buy me'! WOW. I am especially attracted by the turn lock clasp that goes over the top of the bag. I am a fan of this kind of closure for bags. There is also a combination of zipped, press stud and buckle pouches at the front. How interesting. There are also metal feet attached to the base, panel detailing and is fully lined. So all in all, amazing amounts of details that goes into the production of this bag.

The size is a generous 21.5"(W) x 19"(H) x 5"(D). These dimensions are perfect to fit the physique of a guy. The price is also incredibly attractive. WOW again from me:-P This Flapper Novak Bag is definitely going to compliment many looks!

Retail price: UK 760 pounds. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
what a nice gender-bender. What beautiful, almost art-decoish forms. This must be a girls bag, originally. I really like it. So many interesting details.

You Singapore guys are so much more progressive than here. Not many guys in Sweden would carry this. I would though, because I dont give a damn what people think. And also, it is lots of fun to be a bit different.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jens,

hello! How is your work week so far?

Hope all is well with you.

Oh no...Singapore guys are not progressive in general. Only a selected lot is more experimental and to be honest, that is just a low low percentage. The general Singapore men tend to regard Tees and shorts as fashionable, some even wear crocs which is in my books the most ugly shoes. They are afraid of colour as well. hahaha. That is the general singapore male.

As for the fashionable male...well...all things go. We will tend to want to try different things. Carrying unisex looking bags is perfectly alright. :-P I a sure Sweden has its fair share of fashion fans. You are already one of them!:-)

Yes,the bag is very very nice. It is a tall and huge tote. So the size makes up for the design that was originally meant for women. To be honest, these days, there is so much androgenous looks, you cannot tell what is for women and what is for man. Just as long as you carry your look with confidence, anything goes.

I will make this bag a priority during sale season. I think it is a versatile bag that goes a long way to match a lot of looks.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
it has been a slow week here, because we have a holiday. How about your week over there, busy?

It is true, there are ofcourse fashion fans here too. Actually Swedish brands are doing very well now. There are some small independent brands that have become very successful within their little niche. They have mostly a minimalistic "cool" style. But there seems to be not much playing with genders, and not too much experimenting. And definitely not much colour. I love colour! So I prefer the Italian brands.

I got the impression that guys in asia are quite open minded. I have been in Tokyo, and saw really cool styles. They dare to play a lot with styles and colours.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh Japan is cutting edge in experimenting with fashion. The guys there are so vain, now cosmetics for men is growing in sales:-) Can you believe it? And Japanese guys love to dress up. and are bold.

Singaporean guys are okay. Those who dare can wear more interesting styles. The normal bloke still stays with safe colours and usual tees and jeans.

Gender bender only comes when you have been into fashion for a while. That is when you want to push limits. I only start my experimentation with gender bending items a few months ago. Becos of cool bags like YSL downtown and Miu Miu's range. And then I found out that guys wear balenciaga ladies style from fall 2007 collection which was pretty unisex for some pieces, especially the johpur pants! I would love to get that. Wonder if the store here will put the past season pieces back for sale.

I love colours too. Living in a tropical climate means there is plenty of sun and people are generally more receptive to colours since we see green and flowers all year round.

It's a public holiday here today. Was out for movie, Iron man. cool movie and I love the armour. I never like the character before in comics. but the movie is so good! must watch!

enjoy a good break. Chat more soon.

I just got another belt today and will post soon together with another gender benber find:-)


Anonymous said...

Hello again!
Its evening here, and I am taking it easy while smoking a cigar..

I like your new D&G gender bending post. I'm into gender bending, and I have a feeling it will be an important theme in a year or two in fashion. I think it is because there has been so much classic fashion and separation btw feminine/masculine fashion here in Europe now, and I am so tired of it..
Unfortunately I dont really look good in androgyneous fashion. I have a kind of Daniel Craighish masculinity, I think, rather than being pretty.
I dig the 70'ies riviera-playboy style, which was both masculine and vain.. I love the 70'ies..
Have you seen the old TV series "the Persuaders"?