Thursday, 1 May 2008

My Shopping Conquest #05

Gucci Silver Mesh and 'Bracelet Chain' Trim Metal Belt

Destiny and fate...sometimes somethings are predestined, especially when you least expect something...that something just happens:-) So imagine my pleasant surprise when I drop by Gucci Paragon again 'pre-labour day' evening to find this gorgeous, super glamorous runway belt in the store shelf. I had been informed way back that this version of the runway belt will not be stocked in Singapore. I was really disappointed about the news cos' I really liked the belt design. In the end, I only managed to admire the belt up close on the mannequins outside the store after the Gucci runway show. Not giving up, I enquired again on the sale of the belt, but the SA told me these were sample pieces that they brought in for display and are not meant for sale. I gave up on my quest for the belt that day.

Last Friday evening, I saw the mannequin with the belt being taken down as they were rearranging the window display. I rekindled hopes that the belt might finally be put up for sale. But I was not having too much expectation and I am right. I checked on the store again on Saturday and it seems the belt and mannequin was nowhere in sight.

So today while having my usual 'pre-public holiday' orchard road visit, I walked into the store to check out not the belt(I was not expecting to see it) but for the pair of white studded sneakers I blog about days ago. But instead, to my surprise, I spotted the metal belt and forgot about the shoe! Oh my, can you imagine that moment and the excitement I had, my heart beating with zest, when I immediately grab the belt and being able to inspect the beauty I had in my hands. Made entirely of metal mesh and lined with silver 'bracelet chain' like trimmings on edges while mounted on leather. It also has a horsebit buckle and pointed metal tip that is engraved with Gucci script logo. Very intricate and so glamourous and bling:) Like a piece of shinny knight armour:-) I love it! To top the excitement off, this is the only piece available in Singapore. Although the SA told me there is another smaller size, but she could not locate it for me to try on. I suspect this was the same display piece from the mannequin which was brought in for the runway show. I dun mind that it is a display piece. What is most important is exclusivity. I could be the only person in Singapore(unless there are people who got this belt overseas) to own this belt. Very limited.

So I flash out my credit card and out came the belt from the store to my wardrobe. Looks grear with skinny jeans, especially coloured ones. Price of the belt is steep. But I had anticipated the belt to be priced more than what I had paid. I expected it to be in the range of over SGD $1200. I had seen past season belts that involves lots of detailing and hardware and it cost more. So this belt being crafted with so much metal and details could have an even 'scarier' price tag. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the belt costs less than my expected price range (of 1200 bucks). To me, I feel this metal belt has high perceived value and I have no regrets paying the amount. I just love Gucci this season!

(One a side note, I am a bit skeptical about the SAs in Gucci. They always tell me different things and I start to question how much they know about the store procedures or whether they are being entirely honest with me. I am not sure. But it's just my guess. Like this time, I ask to transfer this belt to their Takashimaya outlet so I can take advantage of my 6% rebate. One of the SA in Takashimaya had told me way before that they can transfer any item except ready to wear clothes. But this SA in Paragon told me runway pieces are not transferable. Looking back, I did successfully transfered the new Gucci Checks bag (also a runway design) and a bracelet from spring 2007 collection. Maybe I am being over suspicious. Oh well, I was just not comfortable hearing contradicting information. The SAs provides good service, probably internal 'commission competition'? All in all, I still love Gucci and will continue to support the brand:-) Hopefully, I will get some regular's discount when I shop more often. Gucci is the only brand I like that I do not have discount privileges. Even the very 'sought-after' Prada gives me discount.:-)

Retail price: SGD $880. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon

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