Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Material Boy #54

Dolce Gabbana Leather Sneakers with Mirrored Silver Leather Trim

I love military style, I love all thing shiny, I love shoes, and I used to like Dolce Gabbana very much. So this probably fits all my requirements to like something:-) A fusion of military style and bling, this 'converse' inspired shoe shouts fabulous! Masculine and yet not boring with a touch of mirrored silver to give it that glam look. Although there are ugly DG embossed monograms on the inner shoe flap, that is easily hidden from discerning eyes when you lace it up. And the monogram on the exterior is pretty subtle (Thank goodness!)

Works great for a casual get-up on weekends with shorts and jeans or going clubbing!

Retail price: Euro $216. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

HAve a pair Dolce and Gabbana sneakers. Don't think they are very well made. Wore it a a couple of times only and now sitting somewhere. Not getting their sneakers anymore unless there is some compelling reason. Say 50% off ?? haha

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I see. I have not encountered any problems with their shoes.But generally, I dun like their sneaker range...too nike or addidas looking. But this pair is like your converse shoe and I love converse shoe styles.:-)

I love to buy shoes at 50% off. it's a real kick! especailly classic shoes.:-P