Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Material Boy #67

Fendi White Short Sleeve Shirt with Drawstring Hem

In view of my new found interest in Fendi, I went to look at their spring summer menswear collection again..but nothing really stand out. In fact, it is not impressive at all. But while surfing on www.eluxury.com, I found this gem amongst the pile of 'not so nice' Fendi merchandise. A simple clean white short sleeve shirt in woven cotton. What makes the shirt special is the drawstring hem which is very interesting. Could adjust it to fit your waistline perfectly. There are 2 slant pockets which appears to be of a different texture than the rest of the fabric on the shirt, in plain white. That is a nice contrast. This is a cool and easy to pull-off summer look that will befit the warm weather in Singapore.

Okay, maybe the good looking model did have a part to play to make the shirt even more appealing. But all in all, simple elegance is always chic and timeless.

Retail price: US $555. Where to buy: www.eluxury.com

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