Friday, 18 April 2008

The Material Boy #74

Marni Large Padded Drawstring Shoulder Bag

Been a while since I found something that excites me from Marni's man bags. But I was checking the website today and spot this interesting bag immediately. On some occasions, you really want a bag that blings and flaunts. But on certain days, you just feel you want a bag that is easy to use, no worries of it getting worn or tarnished and feels comfy, carefree to be lugging around. This Marni bag is the perfect choice:-)

Made of soft padded techno fabric, it features a nice drawstring closure. Comes with a single leather strap handle that is fasten by metal studs. I love the way the bag is made soft and non structured. It reminds me of a duffle bag sailors carry. And of course being off white helps to give a vibe of the sea and summer weather. Sporty, chic and understated. It embodies what Marni stands for. :-) The price tag is also very affordable:-P

Retail price: Euro $285. Where to buy:


bagcraze said...

i thought u were going to unveil a bag from a dustbag on the 1st pic
i kinda like it, but i "need" to see the bag itself before knowing if i really like it or not :p

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

hahahaha...when you mentioned it that really look like a bag in a dustbag! hahahaha...I am laughing now.

But the thing is, now you can rest assured this bag can be abuse...and chuck around anywhere you want. heheheh if it gets too messed up, use it as a dust bag for your other bags. :-P

great insight. Oh dear, I am losing my bag taste. recommending dust bags..heheheh