Sunday, 20 April 2008

My Shopping Conquest #03

Jil Sander Khaki Coloured Canvas 'Graffiti' Belt

It is here again...The Bargain Hunter's event of the year...the Club 21 Bazaar Sale for 2008. As an avid shopaholic, of course I have to make my appearance even if it means ransacking heaps of past season designer goods, fighting with other 'competitors' to dig out that coveted piece or braving mile long queues just to pay up. Having said that, I usually end up with nothing. Hahaha. I either cannot find my size, cannot find what I like...or the mess is too overwhelming that I lack patience. But on Saturday, I drop by Hilton Hotel to try my luck again and guess what, it seems I finally found something that I like and bought it in my first Bazaar sale shopping conquest! Hurray!

This Jil Sander canvas belt with a silver textured metal buckle and 'graffiti' prints was my proud conquest. I just happened onto the belt lying there sadly on one of the racks and I grabbed it, alongside a Dries Van Noten white silver sequined shirt(which was too big for me and I have to give it up. No point buying things that dun fit even if it is so cheap). I thought to myself, wow... I never thought Jil Sander ever did a 'grunge/street' look. This belt was from Spring Summer 2006, before Raf Simons officially took over the design reins, and propel it to the next level of popularity.

This canvas belt is lightweight which is perfect for travelling. And it matches jeans or pants(as shown on the runway pic) and my usual casual look. But what is most tempting, is the hefty 74% discount on the belt. Originally retailing for SGD $269, I paid only $70. Yeah, it's past season..but what the heck. I like it..and that is all that matters. The silver textured metal buckle was unique and I had to have it:-)

Retail price: SGD $269. Where to buy: Club 21 Bazaar Sale at Hilton Hotel (Now over)


Anonymous said...

Hey congrats on the Jil Sander purchase. Nice.
I was at the bazaar too. Saw two pair of Dolce Gabbana pants that was a steal. But didn't get them cos I couldn't try them on for fit. Too bad said...

hey its me, joseph!
cheap thrills there, jil sander belt for $70! looks great i must say!

i started a blog too, charting my random musings every now and then :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jay and Joseph,

Thank you for the msg! and glad you guys like my Jil Sander bargain:-P Hehe. It sure feels good to pick up items at a fraction of the original price.:-P

Amazing feeling eh?

Jay, I agree with you not getting the pants if you cannot try them. I was trying on the Dries Van Noten shirt, but in the end, could not find a mirror and also it feels too loose so I gave up. That was a nice shirt. So sad. I could have gotten it and alter the shirt..but cannot see how the shoulder not wise to have impulse purchase, even if it is cheap.

And Joseph, congrats on starting your blog! Send me the link to your blog, I shall check it out and cross reference it here:-) Would love to see your balenciaga collections! I saw a women's weekender in Coral beuatiful...but I am not ready to spend money on bags now.

Have a great work week guys!


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jospeh,

I found your blog! and cross reference it here now:-) nice balenciaga sweater..I am jealous! :-( hahaha. when did you get that? and you should open the comments section. So we can post comments there.

Kevin said...

i did have the comments enabled, but i think the font was too small, you have to look around *wink*

H::A:I:R:I said...

hey hi can i get know u.......em also so brand concious..............