Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Gender Bender #21

YSL Oversized Muse Bag

Finally, I found 'proof' that men can carry a YSL Muse bag and pass it off as chic and sexy!:-P

Check out the street pic by The Sartorialist, this guy in the picture is holding the 'infamous' Muse Bag in his hands! And it looked great for him! Not only did he look chic and not 'girly', the size of the Oversized Muse Bag is proportionate to a man's build as well, making the bag look like a nice soft briefcase. Definitely a success example in the 'gender bender' department.

Made of sturdy buffalo leather, with antiqued brass hardware, the Muse Bag is timeless with the signature Y stitched design on the front and back. Comes in a variety of hues and leathers, but the dark colours such as chocolate and black works best for a fashion forward male.

Seeing the picture makes me sad. I pass off the opportunity to add an iconic classic to my bag collection. I did not grab the chance to get the Oversized Muse Bag last season when it went on 40% sale. Geeez...I picked the downtown bag instead. I should have gotten both.

Let's see if this coming sale season will have me 'bagging' this gorgeous bag:-P Crossing my fingers!

Retail price: US $1495. Where to buy: www.ysl.com


Anonymous said...

Nice shorts ... I like.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Shows off the nice muscular legs. hehe. Oh, BTW, aren't we suppose to focus on the muse bag, not the guy's clothes...hahahah