Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Material Boy #89

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag in Alligator Skin

Yet again, Louis Vuitton has successfully created a hit bag and the popular Neverfull bag will now be able to stand proud among LV's range of iconic classic bags. As a classic iconic bag, the design will be re-interpreted in different variants and materials, like the ladies Speedy which has been given so many reincarnations. So Neverfull is not spared from this reinvent, it will not only be crafted with Damier Canvas but also the very stunning Alligator skin, bringing Neverfull to the highly priced exotic range! I absolutely adore this alligator skin version. It looks simply luxurious! The deep chocolate colour is just beautiful and the skin works for the huge tote bag design of Neverfull. This is one bag that is going to scream luxury to its maximum!

Do not know if this bag makes it to Singapore. But enquire at LV if you are willing to part with a huge chunk of your bank account. (From what I know from this blog, it should be priced at US$40,200. ((in US$?..I suppose)


Anonymous said...

That Neverfull in alligator is hot!

It's just gonna be a very big dent on your bank account.

Are you fancying getting one for yourself, Kevin? ;)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Nah, the neverfull exotic is too expensive. Price is out of my range. I would save that for other more important things in life. :-P

bagcraze said...

seen this one in LV jakarta and wowwwww so amazing, i don't bother to ask for the price though LOL