Saturday, 24 May 2008

My Bag Collection #27

Burberry Prosum Patent Black Leather Mesh Tote (SOLD)

Time to resume posting about my bag collection after such a long hiatus:-) This time, featuring my beloved Burberry Prosum Black Patent Leather Mesh Tote from Fall Winter collection 2006/2007. To be honest, this was one of the my favourite Burberry Prosum collections. It is very wearable and features great pieces with interesting detailing. I got a mustard coloured v-neck sweater with brass studs lining the neckline and also of course, this gorgeous huge tote which is an interesting take on the signature Burberry checks.

I first saw this on the anniversary exhibition in Paragon Shopping Mall. It was displayed there with lots of the seasonal pieces and immediately caught my eye when I saw it. Made of patent leather and mesh material with a detachable fabric layer(Burberry checks fabric), it features gold hardware and purple lining which makes it very luxurious in design. This bag is trans-seasonal and can past off as a fall winter or spring summer bag. I was surprised that this tote made it to the fall winter collections as totes are so spring summer. The deep colour combinations made it suitable for the winter season. It looks perfect on a guy as seen on the runway pic.

I got this at a 10% discount as the SA told me he can get me this discount if I buy it during the exhibition by using my Citibank credit card. I went home to sleep over my decision to buy or not buy and once I have set my heart to buy the bag, I immediately head down to the shop the next day to bring this baby home:-)

Retail price: Approx SGD $1660. Where to buy: Burberry Boutique at Paragon

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