Friday, 23 May 2008

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #01

My MANy Bags Sales Updates - Update #01

The time is here again. End of Season sales coinciding with the Great Singapore Sale, which makes it all the more exciting for shoppers to forget about inflation, world economy and spend, spend, spend!

With so many sales coming up, I thought I start a new section to update on news about the sale season here. Here's the first update:

1) Takashimaya Departmental Store, Ngee Ann City
- Offering an additional 10% discount (or 10% discount for some in store shops like Gucci) from 23 May to 25 May.

2) Salvatore Ferragamo
- Up to 30% discount at boutique in Paragon shopping mall and Takashimaya.

3) Bally
-Up to 30% discount at boutique in Takashimaya. I presume the store in Raffles City will be the same. However, most of the spring summer stock is not on sale. Majority are past season items. Might have to wait a while longer for current spring summer stocks to be marked down.

4) Burberry
- Burberry Prosum is going for 40% discount right now. Burberry is going for 30%. Whoever who wants the 'sergeant pepper' tote bags, it is still available.

5) Gap
- Gap is on sale now. Did not check the discounts.

6) Topshop
- Topshop is having a half price sale. More details to follow.

7) Club 21
– 20% off promotion on selected brands. From 23 May to 25 May.

8) Kenzo
- On sale now

9) Raoul
- Sale for selected items

10) Guess and Guess by Marciano
- On sale now


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these updates, Kevin!

(It's just too sad, I won't be in Singapore any time soon...)

Is Paul Smith and YSL on sale??

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Giancinephile,

dun feel bad, I am sure sales start in your area soon as well:-)

YSL belongs to Gucci group. So they will go on sale at a later time.

as for Paul Smith, it belongs to Club 21 group here, so when club 21 goes on sale, a lot of labels including Paul Smith will be marked down as well. I am eagerly waiting for this:-) said...

wah i'm impressed

the sale here is pretty standard, all starts on last weekend of june and lasts for a month!

and in paris from 10th july onwards for 2 weeks, for which i am there!

same stuff, but goes on sale 2 months later hmm. 2 more months to save money!

Kevin @ myMANybags said... nice to have a fixed date each year for sales, so you know when to stop paying full price for items:-) Here it is unpredictable.

I bet the discounts are steep during sale season in Europe!

Anonymous said...

Paul Smith already went to the half-off bin since last weekend.
I was down at the Outlet at Wisma and noticed some of the mens' and ladies' apparel are already marked down by up to 70%.

Dang.... I need to draw up my shopping timeline and route of execution soon. And most importantly built up my inventory of "Ammo".


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jay,

good sat morning to you!

those paul smith stuffs are past seasons. The spring summer stock is still not on sale.

yes, you need to map out a shopping strategy to get what you want! hehe.

More ammo is needed! in the form of cash!

Ash said...

Hello Kevin,
I hope that you had a wonderful trip. I need a big favor from you. Can you please tell me if the Burberry store in Singapore carries the Burberry Prorsum lanyard, and if it does how much is it and is it still available. I would like to buy the Prorsum bag and there is only one in the Paris store but it does not come with the lanyard nor the shoulder strap.According to the SA, you can't find the lanyard in Europe. It doesn't look that special anymore without the lanyard.. Is the bag on sale in Singapore? How much is it? Thanks a million.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Ash,

I am not very sure what lanyard you are talking about. Last I saw in the burberry store, the sergeant pepper tote bag is still available. But from what I know, it is around SGD $4000.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the updates!

I can't help feeling bad because the collections come in here very late or if not are extremely overpriced. Our Paul Smith store here doesn't even have the SS08 collection up to now.

Well, after Bangkok and Singapore, I had loss my appetite shopping here in my city. haha

I'll be eagerly waitin' for your sales updates! Cheers! :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I see giancinephile,

then you should plan a trip to Singapore soon. bangkok is not a good place to shop for luxury goods as it is ridiculously overpriced. So much more expensive than in Singapore. Not worth it.:-P

Far East, in the sense of China? Middle East?:-P

just want to know where my readers hail from:-P

Welcome to my blog and I hope you continue support it! I am very happy you guys enjoy the updates.

Anonymous said...

Far East by means of South East Asia!
I hail from a nearby and not-so fashionable city in S.E. Asia. haha

I will plan my trip to Singapore pretty soon! haha

Hey Kevin, can we exchange links? haha
I really enjoy your blog! haha

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Sure, please feel free to link to my blog.