Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Material Boy #99

Bottega Veneta Bags ON SALE!

1) Bottega Veneta Spotted Print Zip Top Tote
Why does U.S. always get the privilege of being able to shop online for so many websites? It's unfair. Why do all these luxury brands ship only to U.S? Asia is the huge market here for branded goods! Not U.S. Darn. All the good bargains and we cannot buy them:-(. So sad.

I spotted this beautiful tote from Bottega Veneta(women's style). It's the Spotted Print Zip Top Tote which features a detachable handle (Maybe too short for guys, can always change the straps if you have another Bottega bag) and beautiful leopard print. The handles are attached to 2 leather intrecciato weave strips which makes it so unmistakably Bottega Veneta! The soft slouchy look, roomy size makes it a nice everyday bag to have for all your gym, daily belongings etc. It has such a wonderful safari, jungle feel. I have seen this bag at the local Bottega Veneta store and it was beautiful. I am not sure whether if the bag is fabric or suede, but I suspect it is suede becos' of the high price.

Good news is, now this bag goes for 51% off original price of US $4300 at, selling at US $2149. So it may be more affordable now.

2) Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Weave Zip Top Tote
Perfect for travelling. And in a handsome graphite colour. Featuring intercciato weave on both the handles and bag, it is a handy size to take with you on travels. A shoulder strap is thoughtful as that means you can sling it across your body and keep your hands free. I also like the 2 side straps and pocket detailing. It is so Bottega Veneta and yet so sophisticated.

This Zip Top Tote is now at US $2319, after a 31% discount on original price of US $3320.

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