Sunday, 8 June 2008

My Shopping Report Card #01

My 'Spring Summer 2008 End Of Season Sales' Shopping Report far...

Okay, after all the frantic bargain hunting since end of season sales started, I have done a summary of what I have bought so far. I think I did succeed in buying things I like and things that are of a good price. Good finds at a good bargain are the best thing to happen in the world:-P Perhaps, maybe one Gucci Red Jeans which I am having second thoughts. I was so intrigued by the red jeans as depicted in lots of Japanese I went ahead to buy that, after I convince myself I could wear it. But now...I am still unsure.:-( Oops. Impulse buying.

Here's the list so far (Clockwise from top left):

1) Miu Miu Lux Black Distressed Leather Gathered Top Tote (Women's design)

2) Gucci Brown and White Silk Tie
- SGD $189 (30% off SGD $270)

3) Gucci White Leather Sneakers With Metal Studs and Embroidery
- SGD $672 (30% off SGD $960)

4) Gucci Flame Denium Skinny Pants
- SGD $462 (30% off SGD $660)

5) Bally Dober Leather Travel Bag
- SGD $ 1320.48 (30% off $2096, plus 10% off sale price)

6) Bally White Leather High Tops
- SGD $481.95 (30% off $765, plus 10% off sale price)

7) Bally Lamb Skin Espadrilles
- SGD $318.60 (10% off $354)

8) Bally Side Zip Wallet
- SGD $285.84 (20% off $397, plus 10% off sale price)

Overall Score: 8/10

I think I have done well so far. With only one purchase, the red jeans, which I may not have been so sure. And also the Gucci white sneakers being more than what I should pay for. So I deduct 0.5 point from the 8.75 point I should have scored with one 'not sure' purchase. The rest of the purchase I am happy. But I need more clothes rather than accessories, shoes and bags now! Need to add more pieces to my outfits. Something to bear in mind for Club 21 sale.

4 comments: said...

wah 3 pairs of white shoes...
the bally bag looks nice...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi joseph,

Yeah, I am crazy. I think I bought like 10 pairs of shoes this season. I am going mad. I must stop buying anymore shoes. It's ridiculous. I feel so guilty to be honest.

Yeah, the bally bag is very nice and good leather and craftsmanship. The best thing is the compartments. Very thoughtful. Will post pics soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
nice catch!
Now you just have to flaunt your red pants! I'm sure you will look great in them.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

oh yes, if only I can find the courage to rock those red pants soon. hahaha. Suddenly I am shy. hahahah. How are you jens? Back to normal? No more jetlag?:-) Hope you are well.