Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Material Boy #101

Gucci Suede Tote/Messenger Bag With Stud Details

Finally images of fall winter bags are pouring into the individual luxury brand's website. Gucci is amongst the first to present their fall winter bag collections online. I have already seen the runway pictures for fall winter 2008/2009 mens collection, and have been eyeing on a few bags myself. One of them is this Gucci Suede Tote/Messenger Bag with stud details and a buckle closure. Why do I like this bag? Some may wonder what is the appeal of this bag with so many details, isn't it too busy?

To be honest, in reflecting the theme of Russian playboys and bohemian gypsy style, this bag fully embodies the concept. I am a fan of 'role-playing' the fantasy of the designer's ideas and this bag is infused with strong influences of aforementioned styles. I love the studs embellishing all throughout the bag and bag strap. The bag also has interesting shapes for the handle hardware that is very unique and not your usual boring round or D-ring types. I also adore the idea of it being a dual purpose bag, using it as a tote or a shoulder sling messenger bag. The black suede is timeless and very fall winter. This is one bag that is eye catching and will make heads swoon all over while functional and easy to use.

The bag also comes in the new colour monogram fabric (brown colour), which is equally beautiful.

Retail price: US $2580. Where to buy:

4 comments: said...

have they increased the price for their bags? seems so expensive!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Nah, I dun think so. Gucci's bags featured in the runway shows are always at this price range, it's exclusive and pricey. Hence why my wallet is hemorrhaging each time I try to keep up with the looks. I love this bag:-( Oh ex!

thompsonboy said...

For a looked really nice with all the detailing and versatility.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

yes, indeed:-) Could fit a lot of looks. I have so many things I want from Gucci next fall winter season:-P Their accessories rule! Clothes is only okay. Too flamboyant and seasonal. I will not want to pay high prices for stuff that runs out of trend in 6 month's time.:-)