Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Material Boy #490

Below: Gucci rubber moccasins... the most affordable Gucci shoes ever!
Gucci Rubber Moccasins With Horsebit Hardware

The most affordable Gucci shoes ever. At SGD350 or USD245, you cannot beat the pricing.

And if you are skeptical about price vs. quality, these highly well made rubber molded Gucci moccasins can easily pass off as patent leather... and there's nothing cheap about it. I was questioning the quality until I saw the shoes in person. Now I want them. It's more quirky and fun than regular leather ones... the thicker rubber soles is in line with the thick sole shoe trend raging now. I am tracking down the green pair as we speak:-)

Hit Gucci stores today and track yourself a pair... many stores have sold out of these, so best of luck to those who finds one.

Source: Gucci


Milan Boya said...

wow great shoes

Unknown said...

Too bad that Gucci store here in Philippines wont be having this moccasin till the end of September. I'm hoping to get the green one too. :)

mystical said...

Gucci's first vegan shoe?

Raphael Paixão said...

I want one!
Loved the blog