Thursday, 5 June 2008

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #05

Prada And Miu Miu Sale Starts Today!

If you are out and about Paragon shopping Mall today (5 June 2008), remember to head down to Prada and Miu Miu. Cos' it's a PREVIEW sale for these 2 luxury brands! So you might be able to grab some coveted items before it flies off the rack or run out of sizes when the masses start 'raiding' the store! The sale will be open to public from tommorrow onwards.

I did not managed to check out the pre-sale. The SAs did not inform me. I found out from my ex-colleague who was bagging a few Miu Miu bargains! I dropped by Gucci again to get a pair of white sneakers with stud details. I know it looks 'tacky' in it's own sweet little way...but I just love the decadence of the sneakers. It's still so expensive even after discount.:-(

Seems I failed again in getting the SAs at Gucci to transfer items over to Takashimaya store. I give up now. I rather shop with convenience and comfort than running around like a crazy man to and fro both stores.

I will think about what Prada items I can buy...but it seems none so far.

Happy shopping again! Sale time is now waiting for Club 21 and its labels to join in the fun! Early bird gets the cash!:-P


The Boy said...

I just whis that Prada wouldn't have closed down miu Miu. And the Milano store is amazing, the new one that is. Huge and cool, but only for girls. Corso Como 10 use to have so much from Miu Miu for men. I bought when I had the chance.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, it is sad that Miu Miu mens has been closed as of this spring summer season. They make the best accessories! I used to be a huge miu miu fan. Almost everything in my closet is miu miu, becos of the slim cut that fits me. But the past several seasons, it seems Miu Miu took a different direction in menswear. It was no longer a sports/utility modern direction. Hence, some looks were not truly suitable for modern men. Maybe for some, but majority were not receptive to the new designs. Club 21 men's, the multi label store here in SG, used to stock miu miu, but sales of the clothes were not very good and a lot has to go on clearance to move. Can imagine the response elsewhere.
Yes, it is sad Miu Miu is gone from Menswear. We have one less option to choose from. hopefully, it will make a comeback!

I have so many bags and shoes from Miu Miu...some shoes are still brand new and never worn. hahaha.


Anonymous said...

do u noe where i can get bag hooks for my bags?? i find it too ridiculous to purchase such an expensive bag yet only to shield it when we're having a cuppa at a joint by laying it on our laps or hiding it behind the chair. so please. pray tell. where can i get bag hooks in singapore?

btw, miu miu sa are such snooty people. i bought a bag from them only to be treated like a lower caste.

Anonymous said...

hi kevin, what is that bag/briefcase in your main display pic?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,

sorry to hear about your encounter with the SAs in Miu Miu. You should reflect your dissatisfaction with the supervisor at the store. Good service is important in retail.

As for bag hooks, I am really not sure where to get them Let me find out and will respond to you here when I have the answer. Alternatively, check out and enquire from him. He is really good with answering questions.:-) and very helpful as well.

Enjoy your Miu Miu bag! Dun let the bad service dampen your shopping pleasure!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Firus,

that bag on my profile is my new Bally Dober Travel bag in calf leather. Just got it 2 weeks ago. Will post pics soon.

:-) said...

i like that prada shirt (blue yellow checks). i went to prada sg to ask if they have it in feb but they say not in yet, and only plan to bring 1 in each size!)

i bought another color in london instead. i hope this blue/yellow one will go one sale! i like it a lot!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi joseph,

I tried on the short sleeve shirt...but the sleeves were so long. And it look weird on me. And they were not really that cheap. I tried one which is blue and brown(I think) small checks in alternating irregular sizes and it was SGD$770 pre sale. wow.

I thought I did not carried the style well and no point buying even when it is marked down.

That blue and yellow one is nice. But unfortunately, I cannot carry prada very well.

Anonymous said...

Prada sale this year was rewarding ... for me.

Got a dress shoe and high-tech garbadine kaki pants at a real steal. Done for the GSS i think. Better leave some room for more shoppping when i head to London.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Ahah..thats what you say. GSS is not over yet. Club 21 has not join in the fun. wait till that happens and it is back to shopping frenzy!:-P

you travelling to London? Cool. when will that happen? Yes, more shopping for you. many flagship stores there and you should get lots of things at a cheaper price than singapore.:-P

Anonymous said...

Going up first week of july. Biz trip. But gonna draw up tight schedule to include some shopping time as well ;-) Ooo... Bond St and Harrods and Selfridge..drooling.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

oh cool Jay! Just in time for Sale time in London! More bargains for you!