Friday, 27 June 2008

My Shopping Conquest #12

YSL Bracelets

In a matter of a week, I acquired 3 YSL bracelets. Not that I plan to purchase so many bracelets at one go...but it all started with my hunt for one. I had wanted a simple leather bracelet which I can wear daily and had a subtle, elegant style. My first thought was to head to YSL. French chic and elegance embodies the brand and I was sure I can find something suitable.

So last Sunday (22 June 08), I decided to make a trip to YSL store at Paragon. I spotted some leather bracelets that fit my requirement. In the end, I shortlisted the choice to 2. One was a brown leather lace knotted design (which was on 30% discount off $270 at $189) while the other was of a woven leather style (a classic design which is not on sale, the SA told me it was $150, but later found out it was cheaper). I was contemplating, I love both. I was trying on different sizes and took my time to decide. I had a really beautiful and friendly sales advisor attending to me so I was not pressured at all to make a hasty decision. She suggested to me what her preference was, that of the knotted design. At first, I agreed to her recommendation and was almost going to pay for the bracelet, but at the last moment, something struck me and I asked to try the woven version again. It seems deep down inside I found the woven version resonating with me better. After the second try, I was fully sure I like the woven version better and hence decided to buy that. Surprisingly, the SA told me she quoted me the wrong price and it was cheaper at $110. What a good price!

This is how I bag the first YSL bracelet.

Today after work, I decided to go check out the knotted leather bracelet again. I have been thinking about it the past week and I knew I had to get it. There was a grey version which I thought could be unique. I had suspected that further markdowns of 40% could take place for YSL and Gucci. My shopping instincts was was right! Selected merchandise was indeed marked down at not 40% but 50%! More than I expected:-) I felt such a relieve that I did not buy the knotted bracelet at 30% few days back. I would be so upset.

Anyways, I tried on the grey version. But it came with silver hardware which is not really outstanding. Furthermore, my skin colour is too close in terms of shade as contrasted against the grey leather. It seems lost on my wrist. Not as outstanding as the dark brown version I originally tried the past Sunday. My choice was clear. Dark brown is the colour. And at such a good price of 50% markdown, I just could not pass up on bargain. Such a good buy. Since most YSL bracelets in store are on further markdowns, I tried on a unisex chunky silver charm bracelet as well. At only $155 out of original $310, it was also a good buy. I really like the graffiti style 'YSL' branded charm. Although the heart charm looks a bit girlish and becomes busy together with the graffiti charm, I thought to improvise and convinced myself I can remove the heart charm if I were to wear it. The SA on hearing my idea, further reinforced that I can turn the heart charm into a pendant for a necklace. What a brilliant suggestion. What more could I say, except to bag it as well.:-P

And this is the story of how I got my 2nd and 3rd YSL bracelet, all in less than a week:-)

Retail price:
1) Brown Woven Leather Bracelet - SGD $110
2) Dark Brown Single Knotted Leather Bracelet - SGD $135 (50% off SGD $270)
3) Silver Talisman Bracelet - SGD $155 (50% off SGD $310)

Where to buy: YSL Boutique at Paragon


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I wonder it does not feel solid silver:-) Well vintage works for me:-P I like things to naturally aged. Hope you get the bracelet!:-P

Anonymous said...

What a stroke of luck that I wandered into the boutique today - YSL is now at 70% off! As much as I love the dark brown and black in the bracelets, I picked up the grey one you mentioned because its antiqued silver hardware matches more easily with my bags and accessories. At the end, I paid only $72 - bargain!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Congrats Duke! I will have to check out YSL today and see what gems to be uncovered:-P

the grey bracelet looks good. I just feel it was less contrast on my wrist. But I may try it again if I see it in the store. SGD$72 is OMG...such a good deal!

Anonymous said...

Yes, do drop by the boutique again - there are some fantastic deals to be had. There are some great bags on sale too, large canvas and patent-finish totes starting from under $500, so incredibly tempting! I feel like going back for the double-coil knotted bracelet - it's only $111 now.

BTW just to let you know as well, my SA said the sale ends on Feb 1. ;)

Keep up the great work on your very informative blog!