Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #04

Trendspotting With 'The Sartorialist' In Milan

Here's a few more looks that caught my eye and I could see myself in.

Top on my list, Neil Barrett's getup (first pic)...perfect casual elegance. A black blazer with tapered shorts and thin belt. I could pull this off with my Raf Simons blazer and my CK or black Helmut Lang shorts (will do a post on this pair of shorts soon, the pockets are very unique!). I am inspired! Can't wait.

Another thing to note, purple shoes again.

Check out those copper Lanvin shoes as well. Seems that guy is wearing Balenciaga silk boxers and the yellow backpack. Interesting. Love the neon yellow cardigan by Philip Lim.

Lastly, all the man bags that real people carry. It's a lot of totes. Have you got yours already? The guys with the red shorts and the ink splash white shirt are wearing Marni. I am amazed I can identify the brands of the clothes. I must be 'crazy about fashion' now.:-P


7 comments: said...

that balenciaga silk shorts and bag and lanvin shoes look is amazing

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It does look amazing! And I admire his courage to wear the boxers out in the streets...perhaps, it's milan..I won't dare do that in Singapore.

The lanvin shoes is spectacular when worn!:-P Me tempted to buy....but it's expensive!

Anonymous said...

The 4th pic, the guy w/ white shorts is wearing Bottega Veneta's oxford shoes!

Anonymous said...

That Lanvin derby shoes(?) are to-die-for. Seriously it actually looks really chic in this ensemble.

That Balenciaga backpack is looking sleek as well. Hope I can round up some Balenciaga items at Harrods when i'm down in London next week.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The lanvin shoes is nice. But at the price they are charging, and the durability of the patent leather...I dun think it is that worth it.

The patent metallic leather will crease and leave markings as you wear them. If you can bear with that, then still okay to purchase them.

Yeah, hope you find some good balenciaga stuff in london! You going to be there this Sunday right?:-P

I miss out on the open toe boots..darn!

Anonymous said...

Nope. Will be there next sunday.

Kevin @ myMANybags said... more weekend to resist singapore sales temptation. Club 21 still offers the extra 10% for this weekend:-) Lanvin derby shoes for you?:-P

And that silk boxers is available in Club 21, I think, if not other prints.:-P

just kidding. Have a great weekend! Just came back from Client meeting at Sentosa...grrr...

now ready for weekend! Yay!