Monday, 23 June 2008

The Runway Sniper #12

Prada Spring Summer 2009 Menswear

Prada is one of my most anticipated collections for the Milan shows season after season. Although I may not entirely agree to her aesthetics, but her highly philosophical and conceptual interpretation of menswear leaves me feeling in awe of how intricate her mind thinks.

For this collection, it seems once again, she challenges the way a typical modern male should dress. Following the footsteps of her highly androgynous fall winter collection, came another take on the gender bending style of dressing she seems to be in favour of at this moment. The boys are draped in oversize cropped blousons/parkas suspended on the neck by what seem like a bikini strap. The elongated polo tee borders on the edge of it being either a shirt or a skirt. However, her accessories are still one of the best to be seen on the runways. That amazing oversize nylon tote of suede and brown leather is probably my most coveted. Other designs came in as leather versions of totes and messenger bags, but given new life in a brand new colour of deep Prussian blue.

This is a collection that for me, will not be taken as a whole. It may seem too far fetched for a guy to wear some of the looks. But break it down from its entirety, you see beautiful parkas, perfectly tailored pants/jackets and gorgeous shirts. And of course, the bags the shoes which will probably be the best sellers that everyone wants a piece of.

(For pictures of the full collection and reviews by the experts, go to

16 comments: said...

the 2 messenger bags looks nice! nice shade of blue!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh yes, I love those bags!:-) They jhave a great colour combination. I especially love the nylon tote with the suede base:-)

Anonymous said...

Love love love this collection esp the bags and shoes. Looking forward to S/S09.

Have a very strong feeling my next bag, after my Balenciaga B. Bag, will be one of these from S/S09.

kjinXhedi said...

I'm trying to save money and not buy anything to move to a new apartment...but your blog is NOT helping!

The YSL canvas downtown is so nice...but I'm sort of wanting a grey leather bag and anything and everything else coming for s/s 09 :(

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, the collection is way much better than this fall season's:-P

and I love the bags! Love it! want to buy it!:-P hahaha.

oops, kjinxhedi, you leave the shopping as a second priority. Apartment is more important!:-P although I must say the YSl bag is so nice, I want one as well!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi fashionisto,

I read your review:-P of the prada collection as well. Great insight:-)

I wanted to post comments on your blog, but I always get rejected with an error msg. wonder why?:-(

but you did great!:-)

The Boy said...

God I wish that I still lived in Milano, i always got invited to stuff like this.

The black sneaker is great, think that i have to get it.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Paolo, got invites to the milan fashion shows? So cool:) it must be really fun.

Fashion shows are always fun:-)

so when did you move to sweden? Or you originally reside there?:-)

Yeah, I love prada's shoes and bags!

Bagaholicboy said...

I don't know about the bags, but don't you think they look repeated from previous seasons? Just has this 'Oh that looks familiar feel to it'.

Or is it just me?

Kevin @ myMANybags said... liking the bags is becos I dun have any of these designs from her past seasons. And I love the nylon and suede mix..which will be good to 'abuse' daily:-P. I like the colours. and it should be at a more affordable price range.

As for the messenger bags, it's nice as well. But I am not into messenger bags.

I agree, it looks similar. Reincarnated in new colours.

The Boy said...

I'm this huge Euro mix of east north and south. but i was born and raised in Sweden. I lived in Milano for 3 years.

Many of my friends worked for alot of fashion companies and one of my best friends and roomie, is a big model. He has done a lot of stuff for GFF, Versace, D&G, Bally etc.

Then I have friends at Vogue Italia aswell. Love it.

Anonymous said...

My domain is having some issues. :/

I've emailed the tech team for my domain host.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Paolo,

so lucky of you to be able to attend the shows! I would love to have a chance to see the shows first hand live!

and fashionisto, I left a comment on your blog! and it works! Love those sandals you mentioned as well!

Anonymous said...

still can't get over this collection. someone dial 911 before i collapse from too much excitement.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

you better rein in your excitement...the collection will not be in stores until next year! And fall winter season has not even started!:-P