Thursday, 30 October 2008

Gender Bender #33

Rebecca Minkoff French Tote

As I have mentioned before, I love holiday chic. Any styles that reflects a carefree and fashionable travel lifestyle is my cup of tea. So while browsing thru Diana (, I spotted this lovely holiday style tote bag from Rebecca Minkoff. Aptly named Rebecca Minkoff French Tote, the name already suggests you are taking a sun drenched holiday in the French Riveria! Woohoo! Get your sunglasses and the most perfect tan on! Maybe even some skimmy and sexy swimwear:-) I meant for the ladies.:-P

This brilliantly coloured tote bag of beige and brown features a stripey design and a top cross-buckle closure. Stripes of this manner somewhat feels like the canvas canopy of cafes along the French Riveria:-P But the most interesting feature has to be the charms that hangs on one of the handles. They look like old luggage labels from hotels of the good old 60's! 'Royal Hotel Paris' and 'French Line SS Minkoff' is written on the charms in classic style:-P So french and so chic!

Measuring at a size of 15"H x 16"L x 3.5"D with a 7" strap drop, it should work for some guys and most ladies. I imagine tying a nice scarf on the handles and you are all set for jet set days across southern France! Me like!

Retail price: US$660. Where to buy:

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