Friday, 12 December 2008

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #13

Club 21 Further Reductions Starts Today!

Fellow shoppers, this is the time to flash out your 'dusty' credit cards and finally get some real good bargains! (We need this after seeing how Europe and USA are enjoying so much discounts.) After just 3 three weeks of sale, Club 21 is now starting their further markdowns. Most things are 50% off! Oh my!

The best bargains I have found are the shoes at Club 21 Mens, Four Seasons Hotel. Buy 1 pair of current season (Fall Winter 2008/2009) shoes at 50% discount or buy 2 pairs at 60% discount. This is not the best deal yet...cos' past season shoes are on sale as well. Those are from Spring Summer 2008 and earlier, the shoes are marked down to 60% discount now! Buy 2 pairs and get a hefty (never heard in Singapore before!) 70% off! Lots of goodies! Lanvin (such as my Lanvin Boat Shoes), Pierre Hardy, Comme Des Garcon, Balenciaga, Neil Barrett are among the sale stock. Pair up with friends to take advantage of this great bargain:-P

I bag 3 pairs of shoes today! Miss it at your own loss. Woohoo:-P

Look for Madeline, tell her Kevin sent you:-P She is the best. Hehe. I promise to help her get more people down to check out the sale!

Happy hunting for goodies!


Anonymous said...

oh my god, is the oxford shoes i want on 60% off too!? how mush isit now!?? I so wanna get it if it's that price, screw the square toes. Jon here btw.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, Jonathan. that Lanvin shoe is on discount. But only when you buy 2 pairs of shoes from the current season then you will get 60% for each. Otherwise, it's 50%.:-)

So ready to shop more?:-P

Anonymous said...

but its still like 50% off rite? means it's only around.... 700sgd now? yeah im coming down sg again next week. pray no one with size 5 exists in spore!!!! im buying the rive gauche too lol

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I hear lots of Xmas presents for yourself!:-P Wish you luck in getting the shoe! said...

3 pairs?! whatever happened to saving for spring 2009??

reveal Reveal REVEAL!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said... goes my plans. Temptation is too strong when you see such good prices. Miraculously, all the good ones are my size. It's fated:-(

Oh dear. I need redemption!

Anonymous said...

were there any pierre hardy gladiator sandals

Bagaholicboy said...

Waiting... reveal already! No sales for me! Keepall50 here I come!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

You have lots of discipline, BB:-P

Hehe. I am 'weak-willed' in the sight of great deals at club 21 fashion temple.

I got really nice shoes, I am so proud of it.

Will reveal soon! Need to take pics first.

I tried out the large Mulberry Shimmy bag on Friday. Those are so nice. I am equally tempted as well.


Anonymous said...

pretty good selection left on sale, bought myself two pairs earlier on! thanks for the heads up kevin. (:

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Congrats! Told you so! Such good selection and nice prices. What did you get in the end?:-P Share it here:-P

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Is the Club21 sale extended to the Bangkok branch as well? I will be in transit in Bangkok for a day and was thinking of dropping by at Club21 for the sale. Thanks man!