Sunday, 5 October 2008

Half A Birthday Gift...Compliments Of Club 21:-P

Happy Birthday From Marni!

Ahah...finally after 2 days of searching for things to buy with my Club 21 birthday voucher, Marni has won in my hunt. (I cannot believe it, that I did not get attracted to anything this season and this really took a long time to finally commit! Have I finally kick off my shopping addiction?:-P)

I made a good choice. Gotten something that can lasts me a long time to come:-) Something quirky and unique as well..just like the brand. And I also got a pack of multi coloured 'Marni' candy to commemorate Marni's 4th birthday in Singapore with Club 21! There is a very pretty Marni SA which is a pleasure to see while you shop:-P

This is my first luxury brand purchase since 3 weeks! I broke record! Woohoo...I am so 'proud' of myself.:-P

Confessions of a shopaholic....

So the question again....what did I buy for myself?


Unknown said...

a knitwear?

H::A:I:R:I said...

hi,kevin,did you bought a cloak.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh my...I almost forgot about this...will post pics of my purchase soon!:-)

hehe...not a cloak...that's too big for the carrier bag!:-P