Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Material Boy #173

Dsquared2 Tall Leather Black Boots

I have been blogging about this pair of hot Dsquared2 Tall Leather Black Boots for the longest time here. I love love the look on the runway with this pair of boots. The look of the boots with skinny jeans and a slim tailored tuxedo jacket is simply gorgeous. Finally, I found them being sold somewhere...and thank you to the Internet for letting me hunt down the boots. Unfortunately, the site that this is available is not shipping outside of here comes my hope as quickly as it exits. Darn! This would have been so right for my London trip...imagine myself kicking some 'butt' on the streets of London:-P Or just catwalk down New Bond Street for shopping:-P

On second thought, amidst the economic situation around the world lately, splurging over 2K for a pair of boots now is too extravagant and unwise.

However, it's always nice to view the pics and drool.:-P

Retail price: US $1499. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

yummy i like this. versus the YSL johnny boots, now u got me thinking of getting this too. argh as if it isn't a hard decision to make on that ysl boots alone already.

Davine said...

Thank you so much for giving me another juicy online shop to browse through for inspiration ;-). Have you seen the dolce combat boots on luisa? They look better in my book and are much more affordable. Been thinking ´bout them myself for a while, but I think I´ll probably opt for the Zara version, which is 5 and a half times cheaper ^^.

Anonymous said...

go check out it's a site where they give you a usa address and they will mail forward you anything that goes through that mail. so now you can buy stuff that doesn't ship to singapore as well. it's a really cheap service as well. it charges about 10 bucks a month. :) deffo check it out.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, really cool boots. Would be perfect for northern europe winter. Not too useful in singapore though I would guess.

It is in times of economical gloom we should all shop, really splurge, to help the economy back on track..

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi All, sorry for my delayed response...worked late today...busy busy day.


I think YSL boots will be more practical for our climate. This is only useful when you travel over winter time. Too warm to wear in our weather.

Hope you enjoy the site!:-) And the dolce boots? I saw one with a cross strap design on the sides. Like riding boots. It's nice...but again, singapore weather is not good for wearing boots.


Will check that out! Will come in handy when you want to buy something from USA badly!:-) Thanks for the tip!

And Jens:

Hahaha...yes, I will be ridiculed for being a victim for fashion, style over comfort to wear these boots in hot singapore weather. But it does look so chic!

I think 2k at this time of 'crisis' is too extravagant...but plan ahead for tougher times:-)

Anonymous said...

hey kevin, i have those boots and i know where you can get them, but if you are interested let me know
thank you

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Do share or email me:-) Would love to know all possible sources!

thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

hi kevin, give me your email and i will send you the info about the boots and the web pages
thank you kevin and love your blog