Monday, 27 October 2008

My Shopping Conquest #31

UK Shopping Adventure - Mulberry (SOLD)

I love to shop local brands whenever I visit a new city. Especially world class luxury labels from where it came from. Prices are somewhat cheaper than anywhere else. So Mulberry, being a long standing British label is also one of my 'must-stop' places to visit.

I first made a trip to the Mulberry store in Bond Street, did my rounds and was intrigued by the huge amount of items and of course shop space. Shopping in Europe makes you have a buying urge as the shop spaces are super huge and mostly flagship stores. The items came in ranges that Singapore stores do not have. I love the black large Bayswater bag, a smaller version of the Piccadilly bag. And it costs just UK 595 pounds.

Beyond that, I was also looking for the Shimmy Bag...but that is not released yet.

Another item that caught my eye is this Mulberry Croc Embossed Leather Passport Cover which I feel looks absolutely gorgeous. The croc texture looks real enough and since I do not want to splurge tonnes of money on real crocodile skin...this is a good alternative! Plus the pricing is very attractive! I knew I saw a version of the passport cover which had some card slots but the SA in the shop told me that design was phase out. Determined to find the version I like, I left the store empty handed.

Mulberry is available in lots of places in UK. Even in medium size towns like Tunbridge Wells, you find the label in Fennick Stores as well. In the end, I did not find the design I want. But the croc embossed leather version left an impression on me. However, I am cheapo again and wanted some VAT refund. The passport cover priced at UK 59 pounds had not met the minimum amount for VAT refund. I gave up the idea. (which was a blessing in disguise!)

That is until... I got to the airport! Like I mentioned before, all prices in the airport is without everything is cheaper and you do not have to go thru the hassle of claiming tax back and get charged a huge amount of admin fee. The passport cover in the airport only costs UK 50 pounds, 9 pounds difference! Even cheaper than buying in the city as you claim almost 15% VAT and not the usual 12%! So I bag the passport cover, grinning at my last final UK purchase! I adore the leaf print tissue they wrapped my purchase in! The receipt even came in a nice envelope:-)

I got a big bag from the shop for my YSL purchase as the shopping bag can be shoulder slung and is much convenient to carry:-)

I love Mulberry!

Retail price: UK 50.20 pounds. Where to buy: Mulberry Boutique At Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport, London


Monsieur AG said...

i have been wanting to get this passport holder for a long. My only hesitation if it will fit Singapore passport is the fit?

A. Nathaniel said...

bond street! did you head to the H mothership???

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Nathaniel,

No...did not go to Hermes. I did check out the shop at the airport. There is this H buckle belt in black and white which is around 147 pounds for the belt and 80 pounds for the buckle. It's a smaller and thinner size. I almost want to buy it. It takes 100% mental energy to pull myself away as I spent a tonne of money already amidst these financial climate and I got scared! Hahaha.

Oh Monsieur Ag...I have not even tested the passport's still wrapped. hahaha. That's many new things and have not use yet. Yikes!

Monsieur AG said...

i see...please let us know how the passport holder fits when you have a chance...thanks

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Will do! tommorrow:-P i shall try the size:-P today is a lot of unpacking...yikes!