Monday, 27 October 2008

Kevin in UK...Part Four

1) A very old and small pretty town...Winchelsea

Below: An old church

Below: Me in front of the old church. Just had to snap a pic there!

Below: Wow...a big and beautiful house...I wanna live there!

2) Lovely town of Rye...

Below: Literally, the house with 2 front doors:-P

Below: A cute small little shop that sells all sorts of old trinkets (Kitchenware, homewares etc.)

Below: The ancient Mermaid Pub, Tudor style...

Below: Scenic streets of Rye...

Below: love the vines on the exterior of the house!

Winchelsea And Rye

My UK adventure continues...

So on a wet and cold Sunday morning, we set out to another part of the countryside, which is the very old town Winchelsea. Apparently this small little ancient town was surrounded by the sea many centuries ago, and hence it was formally a port town. The french had attempted to invade this place which left the beautiful ancient church half ruined.

My friend James almost got a house here as the houses is full of character and many owners made an effort to have lovely plants and flowers around the property! I love the wall crawlers! There was a mess in the church when we were there, so we sort of bulged in after the Sunday service is over. We were welcomed and they even told us a bit of history about the church. Lots of amazing glass window paintings and stone tombs around the church. Such a place rich with history and tradition.

Next stop, we head off to the town of Rye. Another brilliant English town. Much bigger than Winchelsa and with lots of shops and pubs. We had lunch at a nice cosy pub. The original ancient pub we want to go to was pretty full so we decided against eating there. Nonetheless, we still explore the pub and check out the interiors. Love the old Tudor style furnishings. I feel like I am a baron or knight doing merry making and gushing down pints if beer!

The town had wonderful shops that sells old trinkets. I bought a very old automobile map which I absolutely love. The graphics is so interesting.

Of course after wondering about town and visiting another church...we make a final stop at another local pub for drinks by the fireplace. I love that warm fuzzy feeling and of course beer in midday!

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