Friday, 10 October 2008

What's bag?:-)

A Happy Friday Shopping Evening With Agnès B!

After a stressful day at work rushing for super tight deadlines...I am dying for some retail therapy as Takashimaya is having their 15th Anniversary with special privileges for Takashimaya Credit Card Members:-)

So listen guys and gals, who hold this very useful credit card, Takashimaya is giving an extra 15% discount on all merchandise of participating merchants and brands if you pay with the card.:-) Such a good deal. Even if the items you want are non-sale items, you can still enjoy a 15% discount. How wonderful!

This will be the perfect time to buy all the non-sale items. Unfortunately, Hermès, Gucci and Bottega Veneta are not participating in this promotion, such a letdown. But Agnès B and many other brands are!

As you guys may know Agnès B Voyage Bags never goes on sale. Once in a while there will be special promotions, but rarely. This time, the brand is giving all Takashimaya shoppers a 10% discount storewide in their Takashimaya outlet. What's even better icing on the cake is that Takashimaya Credit Cardmembers enjoy a further...not 10% but a hefty additional 15% discount off the discounted price! Woohoo...time to shop, shop and shop till you drop! I love Agnès B! Another good thing about Takashimaya, on top of the promotion, you can also utilise your vouchers to offset these discounted purchases...very very generous of them! I love Takashimaya!:-)

So what's inside my shopping bag?:-P All will be revealed soon.


Ryo said...

i LVoe agnès b. too! reveal! reveal! Btw, Kev... your paper bag is agnès b. homme... does agnès b. homme has a boutique at Takashimaya?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The outlet at Takashimaya is mainly womens but the voyage bags is very much unisex. And there is a small accessories selection for men there as well, like wallets, watches,jewellery etc. I think they use the bag becos I am a guy.:-P Hehe

Ryo said...

oic... thanks for the info... i usually bypass the boutique at Taka cos i thought they only carry stuff for ladies... hmmm, will definitely use my Taka CC on my visit tomorrow at the Taka's agnès b!!! Btw, REVEAL! REVEAL! Gimme inspiration! :P

Anonymous said...

is the offer still on ?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Happy Shopping!:-) Hope you find some good buys, Ryo!

and Anonymous, yes, for this weekend only, I think, the additonal 15% percent and the agnes B 10% discount:-) Hurry!:-P

Anonymous said...

damn! I missed the sales! boo hoo...was there on Sunday but was in a rush..didn't have time to look...hope they will have another one soonz..