Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Material Boy #191

Gucci Cruise 2009 Beige Ebony GG Plus Canvas Bags With Light Brown Leather Trim

Sorry I have to babble about Gucci bags again. I have to stress that I am in no way related to Gucci and will not get any 'benefits' out of blogging about this brand:-) I just happened to find material to blog about from Gucci and their new cruise collections are resonating to me in many ways.

During my express shopping stop at Gucci Paragon today, I spotted the new range of Gucci Cruise 2009 Beige Ebony GG Plus Canvas Bags. Although Willis (Gucci SA and friend) have shown me the 2 totes in small and big size while I was shopping in the Takashimaya store last Saturday, I was not very impressed with the designs.

Upon a second look today, the bags are starting to grow on me. The light brown leather trim and beige/Ebony GG canvas are a very sophisticated colour combination. Easy to match lotas of outfits and the light gold hardware (Namely studs and zippers) adds a certain amount of glamour to these otherwise 'basic entry level' Gucci bags. I also love the size of these bags... the large tote and duffel being my favourites.

I tried on the duffel bag today and it is definitely a worthy piece of luggage to tote around looking chic at airports and airplanes. I feel this range of Gucci bags can withstand the rigours of air travel and security checks. What's more, the pricing being so affordable, you can put your mind to rest if it ever gets some knocks and bumps.

For those of you looking to get designer bags at a good price, this range may be for you. The red and green web ribbon on the bags will ensure your 'investment' gets recognition and attention as it shouts Gucci from 'malls' away!

Happy shopping!

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Retail price:
1) Gucci Cruise 2009 Beige Ebony GG Plus Large Tote: SGD $670

2) Gucci Cruise 2009 Beige Ebony GG Plus Small Tote: SGD $640

3) Gucci Cruise 2009 Beige Ebony GG Plus Duffel: US $695 (Need to check SGD prices)

Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon


Avatar said...

haha.. love this range of bags! i was waiting for someone to go a review on this range, and the prices. would be getting the large tote.

by the way, is it fitting for someone with a height of 1.8m? i am quite worried about the dimension.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I think the size will fit you well. I would be worried if you want the small tote. Tall guys usually need big bags to balance up the visual proportions.

Happy shopping! Let us know how the bag works for you.

Avatar said...

oh btw, is this bag going to stay as a classic?

or is it a seasonal collection?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I am not sure if this is classic or seasonal. My gut feeling is this will be seasonal. So do make a decision on whether that is what you are after. Check with the SA. Better to ask them.:-P

Migs Vuitton said...

I'm really lovin' the duffel but can't find it anywhere locally. I'm almost close to buying online.

Do the handles fit over the shoulder? Almost like a gym bag?