Saturday, 29 November 2008

My Shopping Conquest #39

Agnès B Gunmetal Star Shape Bag Charm With Blue Rhinestones Studs

Agnès B is having a 10% discount promotion at all their outlets. And DBS Cards will allow you an extra 5% discount. So on hearing this piece of retail news, I knew I had to rush down to Agnès B to get my hands on a bag charm I have been eyeing for the past weeks. I was again cheapo and waiting for a promotion of some sort to get that. I needed the charm to hang on my beloved Izzue Gunmetal Coated Canvas Duffel.

So yesterday my wish came true. I got the Agnès B Gunmetal Star Bag Charm With Blue Rhinestones Studs:-P At just approx. SGD $72 from the usual price of SGD $85, I am happy I picked up something I truly want at a discount. Feels good not to pay full price:-P

Now the charm hangs on my Izzue Duffel, so matching and with a bit of 'disco bling' from the blue rhinestone studs. Cool eh? Love it.!

(BTW, I cannot seem to locate this star shape bag charm anywhere besides the Isetan Scotts outlet. So if you guys want to get this as well, you know where!)

Retail price: SGD $85. Where to buy: Agnès B Shop at Isetan Scotts


Avatar said...

hey! love your charm. its really beautiful. matches well. by the way, yes the gucci leather with red trims briefcase bag will be on sale. :D

its already on sale in US.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you! Glad you like the charm. It does match my bag very well.

As for the red/GG Canvas gucci bag...yes, it should be on sale. But the problem is whether if these will be in stock for the sale. It's a popular style at a very affordable price. So I have a feeling, they sold out a few months back here. So may not see them on sale racks now.

harajuku wannabe said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG this is the cutest bag charm bling eva!
And for the sake of my wallet, pls stop posting Agnes b. stuff! LOL

Avatar said...

haha.. yeah, singaporeans and the sale thing. all these great stuff just go out of stock real fast..

but i am going to check out the sales this coming weekend. :D

will be getting the new range of tote.

anyway. love your blog!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Optimist,

Glad u like my blog:-) and yes, Singaporeans either eat, movies or shop. So sad sometimes.