Tuesday, 25 November 2008

My MANy Wants Next Season #01

My MANy Wants Next Season - Spring Summer 2009 Edition

As promised, I have looked thru the collections for next Spring Summer Season, and compiled a list of what caught my eye. Some are must buys, some pending closer item inspection and trying, some on the fence but look nice on runway pics. Of course all is subject to availability.

All in all, the looks I picked are very much easy breezy styles, suitable for daily wear and Singapore's tropical climate. Longevity is a key consideration as well.

Here's the breakdown, see if you can tally it to the collage (Click to enlarge pic) I have made:-P


1) Dior Homme Gold Nylon Biker Jacket - Amazing details and fitted cut. Very sleek and suave. I love the colour
Lust factor: 7/10

2) D&G White Shorts With Navy Fabric Trim - A must buy shorts I am definitely getting! Hope the size fits. Might alter it shorter.
Lust factor: 9/10

3) Gucci Floral Short Sleeve Shirt - Cute print. Good to coordinate for a very tropical South American holiday look. Sao Paulo?!?
Lust factor: 7/10

4) Gucci Dip Dye Lime Green And White Jeans - Like the dip dye effect. Simple but interesting! Hope it is skinny cut:-)
Lust factor: 7/10

5) Gucci Tattoo Print V-neck Tee - I am a fan of the illustration! Waiting for it to arrive in stores.
Lust factor: 9/10


1) Goyard St Louis Tote in Black (or White) - It's a classic. Wonder when I will get it.
Lust factor: 7/10

2) Balenciaga Argent Ladies Weekender - Miss it in London. I hope to find it soon! Gorgeous colour!
Lust factor: 10/10

3) YSL Croc Embossed Nubuck Leather Overseas Tote - Miss it at last season's 50% YSL sale here, the black version. But this grey croc embossed version is cute too.
Lust factor: 7/10

4) Gucci Tattoo Print White GG Plus Canvas Tote with Red Patent Leather Trim - It's doing charity while shopping! I like to shop for a good cause. Guilt free shopping!
Lust factor: 7/10

5) Gucci Cruise 2009 Women's Rope Belt with Metal Beads - Glamorous rope belt that can work on a man. I want, want , want it!
Lust factor: 10/10

6) Lanvin Suede Strappy Sandals - Easy, comfy and highly adaptive to summer styles. I like the one in Beige.
Lust factor: 8/10

That's it folks!...enuff 'lusts' to make me go broke. Yikes! Lastly, note to other fashionistas and fashionistos: "Stay away from these pieces! It's mine!" Hahahaha. (Sharpening claws as I type this...:-P)


Anonymous said...

longevity is the key word in times like these. the Gucci floral shirt with the orange belt is my fave look from that show too.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, in bad economic times, I want my purchases to last and not go out of trend in 6 months time!:-) I love the floral shirt too!

Anonymous said...

oh the balenciaga got a 10/10 lol. Hope to see you carrying next round then! thanks again for the shopping trip!

Anonymous said...

yeah, it matches this particular pair of shoes ;-)

Alfred.G.R. said...

i love your list!! these is why i follow your blog!

M.P.C said...

Nothing from the Monogram Graffiti Neon collection? Or from Hermès? Tsk tsk… Kevin, I'm so disapppointed. Haha!

The B Weekender is a great choice! I just got my hands on a Sandstone one; next up would be a Dark Cherry if I can find it.

(This is Mervyn btw, I screwed up some settings on my Google account while fiddling with it and now I'm LiveLifeLuxe)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Haha:-) Welcome to blogger sphere Mervyn:-)

Well, you know I am not a huge fan of LV. The love is only for selected pieces. I seriously hated the monogram bags to be honest. Unless there is something special being done to them, like monogramouflage.

The graffit range is nice. But the glow in the dark and neon is not my cup of tea.

Happy purchasing!:-) We need to revive the economy!

whats-he-wearing.com said...

love the d&g shorts, i quite fancy a pair too!
and good collage skills!