Friday, 28 November 2008

My Shopping Conquest #38

D&G Slim Fit Grey Stripe Woven Shirt
(Reveal from 'By The Way Last Saturday...')

I would classify this purchase as an accidental 'shopping conquest'. I was not expecting to find anything I would like last Saturday at D&G, Forum Shopping Mall. I have been visiting D&G stores both in Singapore and London but nothing catches my eye.

Plaids are big for D&G this season. There are some gorgeous plaid shirts being sold in Singapore's store. I was contemplating to get those but seeing how the trend will be over in a couple of month's time, I decided against the idea. In these economic times, I have to be more focused in my 'shopping sprees' and only get things that I really like:-)

Nevertheless, after visiting Gucci last Saturday, I dropped by D&G just in case I miss out on anything exciting. (I am a true shopaholic...sadly:-P). I browsed thru the racks and though I saw a tuxedo style plaid shirt I like very much, my size was not available. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise. I need to stick to the plan to shop beyond the fall winter season. I want to find something that can be carried over to the next season or even longer. Something classic and transcend trends:-)

I was about to call it a day when my sharp 'shopping radar' (being honed thru countless sale shopping sprees) spotted this handsome D&G Slim Fit Grey Stripe Woven Shirt! It almost seemed I am fated to own this shirt. Although only 2 sizes were left, my size was there hanging on the rack, waiting for me to pick it up. How lucky! I happily asked to try on the shirt and being a fan of D&G's cut for shirts, I was not disappointed:-) The shirt fits like a glove! I also love the placket design which is pretty special. I have also been looking for a grey stripe shirt for a while now (Remember, I am on a grey colour craze lately!) so this makes it a definite must-buy!

I paid SGD $314 (after a 37% discount) which is a very good price for D&G Shirts.

Source: Model pic from

Retail price: SGD $499. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall


Unknown said...

Looks good on u Kev..
I could only dream of wearing those kind of Shirt.. not build for anything Slim-Fit.. :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Fatah!

I love D&G's shirt.:-)

There will be shirts for different body types. You just need to find the brand with cuts that flatter you most.

Anonymous said...

I think fashion bloggers should all be banned. guys are inspirational to the point of breaking my pockets deep.

over the course of 2 weeks, i bought a D&G shirt, 2 Prada shirts, and just yesterday another 2 more pairs of Prada shoes, which i won't be breaking into for a while since i still have unworn shoes lying around. ARe you guys killing me or what? And this morning i just awoke, feeling all inspired to scout for a new bag!

Somebody tie me up.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jay, I think you are the biggest contributor to the economy now! Thanks on behalf of all Singaporeans. Fashion bloggers should be rewarded for propelling the economy out of recession sooner. Heheheh.

Congrats on your purchase! So many shoes! You are indeed a shoeholic! Do a blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm literally a shoe whore. I should change my nick. ;-)
Hey what about ur Gucci reveal? Stop teasing already. I may star my own blog really soon. Just missing a decent camera.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Ahah..sitex is today! Go check it out! Good deals for tech stuff! I want to buy a digital camera! Nikon S710 is a good choice! I will go check that out. At 14.5 mega pixel and 28mm wide angel lens and manual mode to control the settings...very good! best is the price. it is only around $549. So half the price of your prada shoe.:-P you have no excuse now! start your blog!