Friday, 7 November 2008

The Runway Sniper #20

Gucci Menswear Cruise 2009

Last night, I attended the Gucci Cruise 2009 Fashion Presentation at the Paragon store. Sipping champagne and doing people watching is one of the joys of attending such an event. Of course the clothes are as exciting to gawk at:-)

The concise fashion presentation showed a nice selection of looks ready to usher in the coming spring summer season. This collection reminds me of sea front holidays and island getaways on luxurious cruise ships:-) There are also sailor/military influences for some items:-), hence the tattoo prints. Lean, fitted tops and jackets with ankle length pants comes in varied, refreshing colours of sun drenched orange, military khaki, bright purple and nautical blues, whites and reds.

Of course, what caught my eye the most was the new tattoo print that has been applied onto a huge number of items including t-shirts, lining of nylon windbreaker/shorts, shoes and bags! I am in love with the illustration!

After some 'digesting' of the pieces I have seen, my favourites are the tattoo print v-neck tee (I hope I can fit in!), the nylon windbreaker with tattoo print lining (Very cute!), the lace-up canvas sneakers with tattoo print (Very cool!) and of course the oversize hobo nylon bag, again with tattoo print. There is also a stripey red white blue cardigan with a 'sewn-on' letter G on the sleeves that looks fabulous. The red loafers with knotted metal buckle is refreshing as well.

Beyond the men's look, I am also attracted to a white rope belt from the ladies' range. Thought that would look amazingly chic with white shots:-)

I simply adore nautical holiday styles:-P

Now what's left to do is to wait for the items to trickle into the store for a closer look and also trying them on!



Anonymous said...

Especially love the 3rd and last row of pictures. The top in the 1st pic and last pic of the 3rd row is love~ *wink*


Aitor and rodajasss said...

i like it allot!! already got some items and more to come in the next future: print v-neck tshirt, studs cap and those pants with the same tshirt haha and i will have the whole outfit already...:( my wallet is saying: don't do it please!! haha

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, I like the styles presented. They were very easy to wear and still looks great and glamourous:-)

The tattoo prints will be a hit!:-P

A fellow blogger who works for Gucci says the Tattoo v-neck tee has been enquired by many people..and they are taking pre-orders:-)

Anonymous said...