Saturday, 8 November 2008

Gender Bender #34

Gucci Womens Cruise 2009 White Rope Belt With Beads

Just as I was contemplating whether rope belt works for me...I saw a pic of a gorgeous male model wearing, guess what...a rope belt on!

I love the Gucci Womens Cruise 2009 White Rope Belt With Beads! Tying it around your waist creates a sailing on the yacht feeling, a sense of carefree nonchalance. I am going to have to try this and even get it if the length fits for me:-)

The one on the male model looks like an ordinary rope. But the Gucci version is so much more glamourous and luxurious:-) I like the metal ends and beads. The dangling look when worn is just chic. I am now getting very inspired:-)

Time to visit Gucci and enquire:-)

Source: Male model pic from, Cruise 2009 pics from


Anonymous said...

i am planning on getting that belt too lol

My Shopping Addiction said...

nice belt and nice body after all !

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh hot hot!:-P I love the belt!