Saturday, 1 November 2008

Shopping Saturday...Post Holiday Edition...

My new Zara Panther Print Tee with black rhinestone and shimmer effect

Below: Yes, I found the item from Bangkok in Blackjack Singapore! Shopping time!

Below: Outfit for the day... I am wearing Zara Panther Print Tee, DG Gold and Silver Stud Belt, D&G Audacious Fit Grey Jeans + Love Bracelet, Agnès B Dogtag Necklace, HE by Mango Strap Sandals, Izzue Gunmetal Coated Canvas Duffel Bag.

Below: Yes, Gucci is doing tees with the new Cruise 2009 Tattoo Print!

My 1st Post Holiday Weekend Back In Singapore...

Thank goodness, weekend is here again. I had a terrible sleep on Friday night so today I was feeling extra crappy. Maybe partly it is due to the fact that this is my first weekend after my holiday, my beautiful trusty Zara grey zipped cardigan went out of shape due to improper drying method and among others, some issues with my new YSL Besace Bag.

So I started my day waiting for the DHL man to come collect the Nokia trial phone from me and then getting ready to hit town to resolve some errands. First stop YSL store in Paragon to make some enquiries about my new YSL Besace Flap Bag. Although, I did not make any good progress on what I seek to discover, there was some consolation that there was a consensus that what I felt about the issue was inherent and not a fault.

Next stop, I knew I had to make a stop at Zara to enquire about the grey wool zipped cardigan that has lengthened to a 'dress' due to improper ways of drying...namely hanging it to dry out. This causes the wool to stretch like an old ladies sagging breast. Yikes, I cannot bring myself to wear that cardigan again. But I loved it so much as it was light-weight, warm and easy to match winter styles! To my disappointment, the cardigan was out of stock for medium size. And there was no assurance about replenishing the stock. Darn! I left my name on reservation for the cardigan. So may the powers above grant me my replacement cardigan!

As a consolation, I did buy a new Zara tee (SGD $49.90) with sexy Panther print on Friday night. The tee features shimmery effect on the print thru the use of metallic printing and black rhinestone studs! I love the glamorous effect. It's great for clubbing or a chic evening out!

Once I got out of Zara, I proceed to Blackjack at Forum Shopping Mall to see if I can locate an item I had seen in Blackjack Bangkok. I give the item a miss in Bangkok as the prices are always marked up so much more than in Singapore that I am unwilling to pay so much more when I can get it cheaper at home. Plus, Blackjack is having a promotion this weekend for 15% discount for 1st item and 25% discount for subsequent items. That itself is already a good reason to do some retail exploration:-) To my delight after the Zara disappointment, I found the item I was looking for! Hurray! My heart skipped a beat and breathe a sign of relief when I learned the price is so much cheaper in Singapore than in Bangkok. I was jumping for joy that I resisted purchasing in Bangkok and waited till I am back in Singapore! My self control paid off! Reveals to come very soon!:-P

Happily bagging my new Blackjack purchase, I remembered I want to snap some dressing room pics at Zara. And I want to also try out another tee I saw from the earlier visit. In goes Kevin...out goes Kevin with his camera phone loaded with my 'outfit of the day' pics! Hehe. And I am on a grey theme today with my freshly bought Zara Panther Tee from Friday night! Loved it! The Izzue metallic coated canvas bag from Bangkok is so complimentary to my look and colour scheme today as well:-P What do you guys think?:-)

So beyond checking the shops, from Balenciaga (to see if they have any weekenders since I decided to finally buy one. I should have gotten it in London. Grrrr. However, I will have to wait till next season to get them with new line-up of spring colours! So exciting. Can't wait!), Dolce Gabbana (saw a pair of exotic skin sneakers with metal toe lovely and so expensive, over $2K!) , Agnès B and CK Calvin Klein, I also sample some music at 'That CD Shop'...the Claude Challe 'Music For Friends 2008' Album is fantastic...may get that tommorrow! Oh and not forgetting Woonderland at Wheelock Place for the Jack Spade bags and Dr Denim Jeans! I love a Jack Spade Black Coal Dip Tote Bag with shoulder strap at SGD$350 and a pair of darker grey Dr Denim slim jeans!

So that was my line up for shopping holiday edition. I had to rush home early since my cousin is having a wedding dinner tonight and I cannot 'escape' the banquet. Family obligations:-)

Sunday will again be my free day! Perhaps another shopping Sunday is in the plans?:-) We shall see...:-) Can't wait. Time to zzzzz...

(Oh Mr Duck if you are reading this...Gucci is making tees out of the Cruise 2009 tattoo prints! I snap a pic of the Japanese UOMO magazine for you! So cool! Wonder if I can carry it. Will try that when it is in stores:-)


The Modologist said...

Hey K, just curious whether you know any sites that ship internationally so I can get a piece of the Izzue products selection from here in Canada, namely that DAMN SEXY duffle of yours? :x
Greatly appreciated with your response.

-- J said...

i spot unshaven galliano moustauche look!

greetings from sunnypore! *very jet-lagged*

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hello Joseph, welcome home to Singapore! Get some much needed sleep...but try to adjust to local sleeping hours asap if you want to beat jetlag. I totally understand the feeling. So tired and yet so not right to go to bed in day light. hahaha.

Unshaven look is cool:-) maybe you look even more macho?

And Jiennie,

I will see if I can get some leads on izzue online shopping. Will let you know when that happens. Did you go to their website? Why dun you email them and see what they can do for you?:-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh Joseph, how long in sunnypore?

let me know if you need a shopping guide. lol said...

leaving sunnypore tomorrow morning for even sunnier manila!

i find $170 for the hotel to be expensive, but i am those who would pay $70 per night (even in europe!) and spend the rest of the money on food and shopping heh

nice i just had char been hoon for breakfast. dim sum dolly lunch later!

sunnypore too hot *melts*

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hahaha...sometimes I do that as well. But not too shabby to the point that I feel I am uncomfortable. Bangkok has a place that I like a lot for like SGD $75 a night and perfect location (Opposite BTS Station!)...modern interior and free wi-fi, LCD Plasma TV, DVD player etc...

Just the bathroom stinks...dunno why..a weird stench.And whater pressure for showers not too good. Hehe. You cannot have everything:-)

And hope you feel right at home after eating local breakfast. How long have you been living in London?

I miss London! So nice! Lucky you:-)

Okies...enjoy the rest of your day. And hope work trip will be good!

You travelling with your boss? Or you are the boss?

If you want to catch up for coffee...I will send you my phone number to your email address.:-)



Anonymous said...

i was thinking more of a proper long or short sleeve cotton shirt rather than a t-shirt. but thanks!

Aitor and rodajasss said...

Hi, now is available the cruise gucci print shirt from cruise collection 2009, for 489$ :)