Monday, 16 June 2008

My Shopping Report Card #02

My 'Spring Summer 2008 End Of Season Sales' Shopping Report Card...Part Deux

Finally Club 21 will be marking down their spring summer merchandise this week. Starting Thursday with preview sale. :-) Lucky me, I got a even earlier 'preview' from some of my favourite stores and I was able to get the stuff I really liked before the actual preview sale starts:-)

Here's the list I amassed today (Top to bottom):

1) Raf Simons Black Ruched Blazer
(Gorgeous blazer with such interesting ruching details on the back. Very smart and timeless becos of the black colour. Pending alteration to shorten and tighten sleeve to make it an even better fit!)

- SGD $1133.37 (30% off $1799, plus 10% off sale price)

2) DSquared2 Purple 'Fuel Injection' Polo Tee
(I got this polo as this will be the last season Club 21 will be stocking DSquared2. I always love D2's tops as they fit me really well even when I am slim. We in Singapore will have to go thru fall winter season without D2 as the new retailer will only set up shop for SS 2009. Hence, I grab the polo when I can.:-) It sells out very fast as usual, especially during sale. And Singapore's F1 racing is fast most appropriate to get into the speed racing frenzy! :-P)
- SGD $263.97 (30% off $419, plus 10% off sale price)

3) DSquared2 Motorsport Themed Necklace
(This necklace has cute motorsport icons. And it's in a dog tag style. Furthermore, with 3 tags on a single chain, I can choose which one to mix and match:-) This looks really cool with tees! And I love jewellery!)
- SGD $188.37 (30% off $299, plus 10% off sale price)

4) D&G Audacious Fit Grey Skinny Jeans
(Sale time is best to stock up on jeans. I have too many pairs of paying full price is not necessary anymore. Hence, if there is a good fit at a great price, I will get jeans. This grey coloured skinny fit jeans is so slim I had to get a size up from my usual waistline!)
- SGD $358.47 (30% off $569, plus 10% off sale price)

5) D&G White Front Pocket Shorts
(I love white shorts. They go with everything and is nonchalant in style. This pair of tailored shorts has front pockets with zippers, sort of like a hybrid of tailored styles and cargo shorts:-) Works great with tees and sandals!)
- SGD $339.57 (30% off $539, plus 10% off sale price)

6) D&G Black And White Silk/Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt With Contrasting Trim
(I was not really convinced when the SA try to recommend me this shirt. I was skeptical about the busy print. But he insist that I try it on as it looks different when worn. And he was right, what is lacking shelf appeal looks great on a body! The slim fit and the contrasting black and white satin trimmings makes this very interesting. London mod style? It's cool. And the silk and cotton fabric is light weight and comfortable. I just fell in love with it!)
- SGD $484.47 (30% off $769, plus 10% off sale price)

(To top off the sale purchases, D&G is using a limited edition shopping bag for purchase of 3 items or more. It's flower print on actual you can reuse it as a nice tote for simple casual weekend around town or beach.:-) A new free bag for me?:-P)

Overall Score: 9/10

I think this time I have done really well. Only setback is that I have to alter my Raf Simons jacket. The jacket fits perfect on the body, just a bit too long for the sleeve. It's one size up from what I usually wear..but the very slim cut makes it perfect for me, except the sleeves. The alteration alone will cost me SGD$50 for the shortening and SGD$20 more for narrowing the sleeve.'s expensive!

20 comments: said...

wah! you bought loads! club 21 hearts you!

the raf simons jacket looks interesting. i like the d&g contrast shirt and the free bag! i saw someone carrying that bag on saturday, looks nice :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm SO loving that Raf Simons blazer...! And I saw the DG shorts on styledrops I think I will buy them now =)
Great purchases!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Go get them charmbuster:-) It comes in a range of colours. It's tailored look with cargo shorts styling:-) so that's versatile.:-P

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Joseph,

It's my last spree before my saving money months ahead. As you can see, I am going to eat baked beans for 2 years in a row. So you are not alone.:-P

The blazer by Raf Simons is gorgeous! I could not resist it. It fits so well, understated yet some unique detailing. Someone saw me try and enquire about it yesterday. But I was smart to not put it down:-P hehehe.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh the free bag is cute!:-)I will use it for beaches. Handy size as well.

Bagaholicboy said...

We should all start a blog and call it BakedBeanBoys or something.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

excellent idea...I think I will eat lots of baked beans for sure for the next couple of months:-P

hahahha. Let's ask joseph if he is interested:-P


Anonymous said...

cool blazer its def a statement piece but in a subtle way. the D&G floral tote is pretty nice too. congrats on your haul!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thank you DeluxeDuck!

yes, it is a statement piece in a subtle way. Very good deal for the blazer. I loved it.

The D&G floral bag is cute too. But I doubt it will last. since the stitching is very badly done:-) But nice to have it for a while!:-P

Looking forward to new posts on your blog!

Bagaholicboy suggests we all do a blog called baked beans boy..what say you? :-P

Unknown said...

Great Buys!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Leo!:-P

H::A:I:R:I said...


Anonymous said...

i don't really like baked beans. how about canned tuna? either way, im IN!

btw, pls pardon my laziness for not updating regularly. but i have actually just made a new entry on my blog. not much, just an LV-related FYI.

bagcraze said...

oooo kevin, that D&G flower tote is sooooo cute!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Deluxe Duck (How may I address you?), Tuna is fine as well! It's to substain long months of deprived basic food needs to sustain that luxury goods appetite. hahaha. Yikes! Need to turn back before baked beans and tuna is not even an option anymore!:-P

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Hairi, thanks for the positive comments:-) you be shopping at club 21 sale as well? Yeah, I love the blazer. It's interesting and I am very happy about the purchase.

Hello Bagcraze, glad you like the tote! It's pretty in a sense..too bad, it is meant as a shopping the quality is not that good for the seams. It will not last too long.:-P

Anonymous said...

there's always 3 minute noodles =P btw, my real name is Javier. but DD is ok.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

hello Javier! Nice to meet you.

and since there are so many choices besides baked isn't so bad to be a baked beans boy and bags rule! hahaha. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Heh.. I just got the D&G white shorts today at 30% off too. Too bad the Amex promotion is over ... so i loss that additional 10%. Jeez... oh darn it. I still love this pair of white shorts.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jay, I thought you going to curb shopping in SG for your harrods trip? hahaha:-) Nice shorts eh? I love them. I will wear them cuff up so they are shorted...much cuter. what about you?:-P The extra 10% is okay lah. I dun think you can wait for furthur markdown for these items as they sold out quickly. Yeah, the Amex promotion should be for every weekend! hehe

Have a safe trip to London! Enjoy yourself! Report your shopping expedition:-) I will help you keep the singapore shopping streets 'safe', as you have done for me while I was travelling a couple of months back:-P