Sunday, 16 November 2008

Zara Dressing Room Exposé!

1) I am trying out Zara Super Slim Fit Black V-neck L/S Tee. Wearing D&G Grey Skinny Jeans, CK Calvin Klein Black Wrap Belt (Women's Design), Dior Homme Guitar Necklace and Bird Bracelet, HE By Mango Black Strappy Sandals.

2) Wearing D&G Grey Skinny Jeans, CK Calvin Klein Grey V-Neck Tee, Black Wrap Belt (Women's Design), Dior Homme Guitar Necklace and Bird Bracelet, HE By Mango Black Strappy Sandals.

3) Wearing D&G Mermaid Print Tee with Military Insignia On Arm, Audacious Fit Jeans, Miu Miu Mock Croc Leather Royal Navy Military Belt, Gucci Antique Silver Cord Bracelet, HE By Mango Black Strappy Sandals and Agnès B Dogtag Necklace. Carrying Gucci SS07 GG Monogram Bamboo Tassle Large Tote.

My Name Is Kevin....I Am 'Addicted' To Taking Pics Of Myself In Zara's Dressing Room:-P

I think next time I should have a board with my name, height and weight and 'convict' number:-). This is fun to document my outfits for my weekends. And what better place than Zara, since I drop by every week to see what new offerings they have. It is such a good place to shop for either trend pieces (which goes out of style in 6 months) or basics (that you cannot tell if it is expensive or cheap).

Here's the past week's outfit and yesterday's:-)

I love my new CK Calvin Klein Wrap Belt (from women's range). Matches my HE by Mango Sandals exceptionally well!:-P


Anonymous said...

haha, good addiction ;-)
love your grey's jeans and your gucci's bag!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, I love that Gucci bag! :-) And those grey jeans are perfect cut! Hope you are enjoying a great weekend! Seems sales are starting everywhere in the world!

The Boy said...

So much fun!!! I love pranzing around in a dressing room!!!! I'm such a girl!!! I also love the grey jeans!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hehe..yes,it is fun to pose in the dressing room:-P And you also do it in the lift! hahaha.:-) I am inspired by you in a way. :-)

The Boy said...

I know, but I haven't done the Elevator pics in a while....LOL. And it's cool if i can inspire you ;P even though I'm a total dork hahahah

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hah...we are just fulfilling our narcissistic side:-) and this a good way to vent that out of your system:-)

And it is a good way to document what your style is. And you have great flair in dressing. And in home decor!:-) Your home is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

its alway ncie to see you tryin out different outfits, its like shopping in zara and browsing stuffs, for me without having to go there :D

why didnt bring you beautiful besace bag out to parad~? I think you're the only guy in spore to have it. maybe south east asia too

The Boy said...

Wow!!! Thanx;P

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I want to be a private shopper...hehe.

And Besace bag will be out soon. I just got a spray to protect the bag from Bally.

You heading to Singapore soon?:-) Can meet up and take you shopping! BTW, if you have DBS credit cards, you can get additonal 10% discount on Sat and sun at the club 21 sale!

Anonymous said...

oh u can take me shopping~? Sunday then~ haha~ I wanna buy a few stuffs from club 21 but nope I got no club 21 cards or any DBS cards, doesn't matetr la, as long as I hope I get what I'm looking for..

Kevin @ myMANybags said...


Email me and I will send you my mobile number. My email address is on my blog 'About Me' section:-)

Happy shopping time!

CODY11 said...

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