Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ad Campaigns & Catalogues #21

Louis Vuitton Christmas Online Catalogue

I dun know how I got into the email list of Louis Vuitton since I have been not been patronising their stores for the longest time. The Monogramouflage Treillis bag is from Hong Kong so that does not count. So it was a surprise to see an email personalised to my name. And this email came with a hyperlink to the new Louis Vuitton Christmas Catalogue for 2008!

Although the items featured were the regular stuff you see for the longest time, I do applaud the navigational concept of the catalogue. Classified in different sections under a 'city map' of the lovely city of Paris, you find an array of drool worthy LV bags and accessories in nice photography. I love the Mahina shoulder bag as does the Tapage bag charm:-) Of course my favourite 'section' is Tour Effiel! Some may think it's tacky. But I love this Parisian icon:-)

J'aime Paris!


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