Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My Readers And Their Shopping Conquests #02

YSL Muse Wallet In Metallic Bronze

Yesterday I got an email from a reader of my blog, Fatah. Fatah has been following my blog and leaving comments for a while already, and yesterday, he sent me a nice message to show me his new YSL acquisition! Congrats Fatah! Welcome to the YSL fan club, you know once you start, there is no 'turning back'!:-P

His beautiful purchase...the YSL Metallic Bronze Muse Wallet! Comes with lots of card slots. Very functional.

Here's his message:

Dear Kevin..

Hi, my name is Terry, i'm an avid reader of ur blog. There's no day passes by without me opening ur blog.. I have a huge addiction to shoes with almost 90 pairs that consists from the likes of Converses to Hermes, also i own some bags but i think they are just basic stuff nothing extra ordinary like your bags.

For the past few years i've been a fan of YSL especially since Tom Ford revamped them, but sadly here in Jakarta YSL don't have much to offer for us guys, only some wallets and belts, no bags and no RTW, its pretty sad...

My Love for YSL grew even more to the point of no return after i tuned in to ur blog.. so here i am finally after all these years of standing in the back of the YSL fan club without nothing on my hands, i finally did it, i got myself a Muse Wallet in Metallic Silvery Bronze, 30% off was all it took to convince me that about time i made the purchase..

Hopefully my YSL collection will grow like yours or at least at half..
Hereby i wanna show you my new baby from YSL, hope u enjoy them. Thank you for being such an inspiration, can't wait to see ur next posting.


How sweet of him! I love the wallet. Happy shopping everyone!

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