Monday, 8 December 2008

'Barbarella' is so funny!

Introducing 'Barbarella'...So Hilarious...Cracks Me Up!

For all non Singaporeans (and Singaporeans but you know this already), presenting the most 'interesting' breed of women in Singapore named 'Sarong Party Girls' or 'SPG' in short (As inspired by the infamous SIA Singapore Girl and their sarong kerbaya uniform). This is a name given to women wannabes who exclusively dates caucasian men (or ang moh) and pretend to slang while speaking bad English. In short, local style bimbos.

This Singapore actress Michelle Chong did a hilarious impersonation of SPGs. Listen to her slang...oh my...cracks me up everytime! She is the best!

Good for a laugh on a rainy day.

Start the clip at 17 secs to see 'Barbarella' in action:-P Start laughing.

(PS. This post seems out of sync with my blog. Perhaps her liking Chanel makes it 'relevant' in a way? hahaha)


Anonymous said...

very funny la!

i love the bit towards the end where she says "... but hey look, i still look sexy. do you agree?" i fell off my chair. OMG!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It super hilarious. She personifies the typical SPG so well. I cannot slang like that even if I tried. Hahaha. I still laugh when I see this.:-P