Monday, 8 December 2008

Yes, It Is Here Again, Shopping Sunday Is Back!

Below: Love the faded blue stripe detailing on this pair of Marc By Marc Jacobs white jeans. The stripes on the side resemble that from a pair of tuxedo pants but done more casually.

Below: Gucci has a similar faded stripe effect on this pair of red jeans for Spring Summer 2009

Below: This blue pair and a flesh tone beige colour is available at the Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique at Takashimaya

Below: I prefer the pink one. More unique.

Below: Marc By Marc Jacobs Dressing Room Shot
I am wearing D&G Military Green Double Layered Sleeve Shirt (Has a T-shirt sleeve under the shirt sleeve, very cool!), D&G Audacious Fit Skinny Grey Jeans, D&G 'Love' Bracelet, Hugo Boss Ivory White Distressed Belt, Comme Des Garcons Silver Print Canvas Sneakers and carrying my Gucci Guccissima Brown Leather Tote.

It's A 'Shopping Drought' Here!

Despite all the rain and the sales going on here in Singapore, I am totally feeling super bored with the merchandise on offer right now! Fall Winter 2008 is one of the worst seasons to me. The clothes are so unappealing and nothing left me really breathless, except for a couple of pieces such as the Marc by Marc Jacobs Plaid Wool Blazer and Purple Cardigan. Beyond that, YSL Besace Bag for men and all those Zara T-shirts. There was not a look which I can see working quite right for me. (My credit cards is screaming, "Thank goodness! Amen!") So despite all the sales that is going on...I am experiencing a 'shopping drought', not to mention 'blogging drought' as well.

So while others are shopping the sale, I am shopping for next season. Unfortunately, the Cruise or Spring Summer 2009 collections have yet to be in stores. Gucci has some but I think the Singapore store stocks the most unappealing RTW items. Imagine my favourite tattoo print on a long sleeve shirt? Simply too OTT to wear that. The tattoo print is very casual and busy, it works on 'quirky' things like tees and shoes and only when used sparingly. But applied onto the entire long sleeve shirt, it gets kinda tacky. I thought they have windbreakers and shorts using the print but with an overlay of nylon on the runway pics. That at least look more tasteful. *Sigh*

Enough being a loud mouth. Back to shopping. All the stores are offering only 30% markdowns while in Europe and USA, they are buying at half price with a wider range of discounted stock to choose from. All the more, I am unwilling to part with my money. There is a red Guccissima Leather Duffel on sale. But it's too red for my taste. Burberry Prorsum is still at 30% so not working for me. Prada has nothing interesting this season and I can't find any good bags or items at YSL, except a nice card case with elastic band fastening. I can live without that.

Even Zara is still selling entirely Fall Winter 2008 collections so there goes my hope for cheap thrills. The only store that is having some nice Cruise 2009 is Marc By Marc Jacobs. I spotted a pair of Cotton Shorts and an interesting Faded Blue Stripe Slim White Jeans which I like. The shorts is available in 2 colours, flesh tone beige and sky blue. I remembered I saw on that these shorts is also available in pink. I would buy the pink one if that is available. But Singapore being the more 'conservative' retail destination, we definitely do not see the pink one on the racks. So I proceed to try on the white jeans which feels like a tuxedo pants (The stripe on the sides). This jeans is similar to the Gucci Red jeans from Spring Summer 2009 collection. Upon putting the jeans on, I feel the cut is still not slim enough. I would have to alter the sizing to get it to fit perfect. But I was in a hurry and left without bothering. Before I got out of the dressing room, I did my obligatory dressing room outfit shot:-P Been a long while already! I feel like a troll recently, so no mood for dressing room shorts. Hahaha. I need a haircut badly!

So off I go from retail temptations, empty handed. credit cards are smiling as I left the 'land' of shopping sins.


Retail price:
1) Marc By Marc Jacobs Cotton Shorts: SGD $299

2) Marc By Marc Jacobs Faded Blue Stripe Slim White Jeans: SGD $399

Where to buy:
Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique at Takashimaya

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