Thursday, 4 December 2008

Gender Bender #35

YSL Y-mail Black Patent Leather Coin Purse

It seems my fellow bloggers are having a YSL phrase in their shopping acquisitions. Brieuc75 got a 'tonne' of chic YSL items, so does Joseph (00o00). Deluxeduck blogged about the brand in his latest post as well.

Why the sudden YSL interest?:-P I think there must be a YSL bug floating around online. I caught the 'YSL bug' a while back, since my London trip. And during my recent shopping trip with Toosan in Singapore, we checked out the YSL Y-mail Black Patent Leather Coin Purse. I was not attracted by it when I first saw it. But the more I think about it, the more I am keen to buy it. I wonder why. YSL seems to have a charm that is slow to invade your mind. Somehow french chic influences you in subtle ways, more than being loud and in your face. The coin wallet is meant for ladies, but the simple design could work for a guy as well. Guys who are not afraid to flaunt some patent leather. For me, black is fine. Perhaps the gold and silver version will be too flamboyant for a guy. So I stick to the black.

I love the use of black patent leather, with a design resembling a mail envelope addressed to the YSL 'mothership' in Paris. If this was done by any other brand, it probably would have been tacky. But in YSL's hands, the concept is adorable and chic! It's like magic touch of YSL that infuses french charm in whatever they come across.

So I will soon be on my way to the YSL store to get my hands on a piece of this. Although I do not have too much of a use for this, but I still want to own it. Truly befitting the upcoming 'Confessions of a true shopaholic' movie :-P


Retail price: SGD $260. Where to buy: YSL Boutique at Paragon


Anonymous said...

I want one too.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Go get one:-P Lovely design. Comes in gold and silver as well.

agrasshopper said...

Hello! Ooh! I have one and absolutely love it! And it's cheaper in SG, compared to USA (USD175). WHY!!! Is all YSL cheaper in SG?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi there, agrassshopper,

yes, it is just sgd $260. I saw on the YSL website, this retails for US $145. Did you remember wrongly? It's a beautiful design. I love it very much as well.

agrasshopper said...

You scared me! I just went to the YSl website and it says 175.
There must be some weird thing going on their site.

Anyways I scored the Y-mail black medium tote on sale, which I believe was an error because it's reverted back to 1K+ after I ordered it for 495 and it took them a while to locate one for me. heehee. Waiting for it to arrive......

Anyways I'm a new reader of your blog and love it. I'll see you around ;)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...


OOps...I must have remembered wrongly.

Congrats on your new acquisition. The Y mail series is chic and timeless. You will love the bag.

And welcome to my blog and thanks for the support!

Happy weekends!

alfred said...

hey kevin whats the dimension for this coin purse? would it be too small for a guy?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Alfred, it is 13cm wide and 9cm tall. It is big!

Some guys may find it too big that it looks like a purse.

But I used it today for the first time, perfect. I love it.