Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Material Boy #204 Spring Summer 2009 Shopping Lusts! has started putting up images of their Spring Summer 2009 offerings. Gorgeous! I see 'baked beans' and myself becoming best pals now! So many nice things, so little money. Santa, please send me piles of cash...I dun want the LV Zippy Organiser anymore. Hehehe.

Here's my top picks for now, Happy online shopping! Merry X'mas!

1) DSquared2 Car Logo Tee - Euro $143

2) DSquared2 Cassette Logo Tee - Euro $143

3) DSquared2 Subway Map Logo Tee - Euro $117

4) D&G Checkered Woven Shirt - Euro $179

5) D&G Checkered Bermudas - Euro $161

6) Dior Homme Goldrush Stretched Jeans - Euro $473

7) Dior Homme Fuschia Pointed Buckle Leather Belt - Euro $205

8) Lanvin Grosgrain Suede Sandals - Euro $351


Anonymous said...

omg, the lanvin suede sandals are to die for!! *drools*

Bagaholicboy said...

Love the checked berms in Blue! Merry X'mas Kevin!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Merry Christmas to you Alvin!:-)

Hope you are having a good x'mas eve.

and yes, Wax, the lanvin sandals is very nice..but for that amount of material, the price is too much!:-P

Anonymous said...

hey kevin. thanks for the site recommendation. can you tell me whether the sandal -|CallType=Product&prodId=G3R001&des=&cat=&season=SPRING/SUMMER&gender=men&group=&seasProdID=47I&colorId=112

is worth buying. thanks! do give me your comment on the sandals.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Well, I have a what can I say more:-P

Here's my post.

SHANE B said...

I've bee trying to find this saddle all over the STATES, no kidding, all over the STATES and failed....

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Shane,

it's still available at or

Check if they still have your size:-)

Happy shopping!