Saturday, 6 December 2008

My MANy Bags News #30

Tim Gunn's Savings Stroll
I came across this interesting news report online. Interesting insight as seen thru Tim Gunn's eyes. Financial turmoil hits the pockets of shoppers and stores in NYC's fabled fifth avenue are feeling the crunch! Even with discounts, stores are still empty! Oh my.

The discounts are steep. And lots of merchandise are marked down. I need to go to NYC!

Saks Fifth Avenue CEO shares his strategy on how the mega retailer is coping with this present financial slowdown.

Singapore retailers need to see this! Our sales are so miserly! Small discounts and lots of good merchandise are not on sale. Such as Bottega Veneta in Singapore. You think shoppers are ignorant? We know those bags are like 50% off in US or Europe. So we will not buy them if you are still keeping it till it turns mouldy for next few years! Hehe.

Sorry to bitch:-P

This bag is a good example of Singapore store's misely sales. Not on sale in Singapore. Kept inside a glass case at Bottega Veneta Paragon like some 'prized trophy'. But on Bottega Veneta's website, it is already in the 'half price bin'! Hello Singapore Bottega Veneta, internet savvy generation here. Dun think we are ill-informed!

(And yes, despite grim news...this is also the time to be jolly. Cos' it's X'mas! So here's a nice clip of my favourite X'mas song, 'Let it snow' by Dean Martin. Those classic songs is such a heart warmer.)


A. Nathaniel said...

don't feel sorry about bitching! it's our innate talent that not everyone can master. after my last trip to the US, i swore off shopping in singapore but knowing me, i couldn't resist the sales at the GSS.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, the sales here is so not attractive. They should do more markdowns and for everything! There is a bag at Bottega Veneta which is already on almost 50% discount online at the bottega website. But here in singapore, they are keeping it for some fool to buy it full price, cos' it's not on sale. As if clever shoppers like us will fall for the trick.:-P

Lucky you to be in USA!