Saturday, 6 December 2008

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #12

Burberry 50% Sale Now On!

Burberry is giving up to 50% discounts now, selected merchandise. This is one brand that can have discounts as much as 60% as sale continues in later stages. Hurry.

I am going to check out the prorsum range to see what goodies I can bag today.:-P Hehe. I love cheap cheap sale.

(Update 7 Dec 2008: The 50% is for very selected, unappealing merchandise. Prorsum range is still at 30%. Dun waste your time going to the store if you are looking for good bargains.)

(BTW, the image is done up by me using Burberry's ad campaign for Fall Winter 2009. Not an official sales ad:-P)


Anonymous said...

Also online 50 %?
I am searching for the prorsum beanies and gloves in 50% silk and 50% wool...
Thank you!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The 50% sale I am referring to is for Singapore stores. Not online.:-P

meta-lodestar said...

hi Burberry 'public' sales started on the 28th Nov and private sale the day before. I was there late morning on 28 Nov and it was packed. I managed to get the last pc for their checked Heather bag in black leather which was on a fantastic 50% off! The SA said many were sold out in the private sale already!