Sunday, 21 December 2008

My Shopping Conquest #42

D&G Slim Fit Pink Stripe Woven Shirt
(Reveal from 'Christmas Shopping Bags')

Like I mentioned and reiterated so many times here before, D&G cuts the best shirts for me...and all those slim long body types around! Their cuts are tapered at the right places giving me a broad shoulder look and long enough to ensure all the tuck in portions stay where they are. I absolutely enjoy wearing D&G shirts. Not even Dolce & Gabbana's shirts fit me as well. I feel great in D&G's creation.

As I do not need to wear shirts at work (creative industry such as advertising are spared all the tie and shirts at work.) so sale time is the best time to buy them. I love to wear them on occasions when I need to smarten myself up. And I am particular about cuts, cos I dun have a killer body to look good in anything. Hahaha. When sale starts at D&G a few weeks ago, I already got myself a brilliant Grey Stripe Shirt with contrasting white collar, but I feel the urge to stock up on more when the sale reaches 50%! So when the further markdown started Friday, I checked out D&G again. There were only 2 things left in the store that I wanted to try. One was a pair of audacious fit distressed jeans and the other is this beautiful D&G Slim Fit Pink Stripe Woven Shirt. I did not get the shirt nor the jeans last weekend. The jeans had a weird wash and odd rip on the legs so I decided against buying them although it fits like a glove. The shirt suddenly lost its appeal to me after my failure to like the jeans. At the back of my mind, the shirt somehow lingered. I was contemplating to go back to D&G to buy the shirt last Sunday, but was too lazy to get out of the house.

So this Friday, while on my half day leave, I made a visit to the store again. As I always believed, if the item is meant to be mine, it will be there for me no matter when I drop by the store. So as fates have decreed, the pink stripe shirt is still hanging nicely on the racks. I obliged fate's will, it was meant to be, especially after i put it on and it look brilliant. A simple stripe shirt looks amazing when it fits. I bought the shirt and was a wonderful half day off before heading to watch the movie Twilight. ( I like it!)

This shirt is not just a simple plain stripe shirt. There are certain details which I find interesting. First is the displaced stripes on the placket of the shirt. The lines go diagonally instead of vertical like the rest of the shirt. Second, there are dual layer detailing on the collars and shirt cuffs which I thought was subtle and yet fun. Third, pink stripes are very cute. But the best part is the discounted price tag of SGD $235, which is a bargain for D&G shirts.

Summing it up, I am just pleased that another good shirt ends up in my closet. Can't wait to wear it soon!

Retail price: SGD $469. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

This is a lovely shirt! Like you, i am into small details that make the item unique.

i am also a fan of Dolce & Gabbana custom tailored shirts. Somehow their cut fit me better than D&G.

By the way, is the Jil Sander white shirt (with portion of weaving over the concealed buttons on the front) at Club21 Men currently on discount? i saw it in October and it was S$900 plus. Thought it was a little too ex. But it's really nice, simple and elegant.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh meng, this is a D&G shirt, not dolce & Gabbana.:-)

Jil sander is on 50% off now. go check out the shirt, if you are lucky, the shirt may be around!

yes, I love small details.:-P It is why I pay so much for luxury brands.