Sunday, 4 January 2009

My Shopping Conquest #45

Tom Ford 'Ford' Nut Brown Sunglasses
(Reveal from 'Greetings From Bangkok')

I am back from Bangkok. Phew...was a fruitful trip in terms of shopping. I should not be shopping anything in BKK cos I have made a new year resolution on cutting down my purchases. But temptations are temptations and since they are still within the year of 2008, it sort of does not count. So I allowed myself to indulge a couple more purchases before my new year resolution starts kicking.

So on the second day of arrival in Bangkok, 30 Dec 2008, I embarked on my shopping expedition in the Land Of Smiles. Maybe it was a Tuesday, so the city area was pretty quiet. Shops were very much empty and the sales staff were literally more than delighted to see me walking into the shops. Is this a sign of bad times? The discounts here in Bangkok are unheard of. I was in Bangkok last year on stopover from Berlin and it was never like that. The most discounts I would have had was just 30-50% off. This time, I was very surprised but at the same time delighted that markdowns came all the way up to as high as 70% discount.

When I passed thru On Pedder, I was captivated by their 'Final Sale' signs. Although this is a store that sells women's accessories and bags, I know if I am lucky enough, I can locate some gems for guys as well. I walk into the stores, somehow my shopping radar honed thru countless sale shopping experiences, immediately picked up a strong signal at the sunglasses section. I remember I have checked out Singapore's On Pedder outlet in Takashimaya and have told myself they were probably one of the few rare retailers that stocks Tom Ford shades. So I believe this Bangkok branch will be the same. I was right! Right there sitting quietly and silently beckoning me to behold its beauty is this pair of gorgeous Tom Ford 'Ford' Nut Brown Sunglasses. I have always lust for a pair of Tom Fords. They fetched a high price and were so rare, so I never could really bring myself to splurge on a pair. Okay, I did 'invested' heavily on a pair of Louis Vuitton, but that's another story. I picked up the Tom Ford shades, in the exact nut brown shade I had wanted with glamourous shiny rose gold metal plating on the front and temple, they shout pure luxe! I put it on and immediately was captivated at how well it frames my face. When everything is that perfect, what would you'd buy it! I was skeptical if Tom Ford shades will be on sale, since in Singapore's store, apparently they are not. Or these Tom Fords could just have a minimal amount of discount to entice sale shoppers to buy. I was not 100% hopeful it will match my price expectations. (The original price of the sunglasses amounts to THB 24,000., approx SGD $1066) I do not want to pay more than $450. That's my budget. When I enquired at the smiling, and yet pretty Thai sales girl, she delightfully told me 'This is on sale.' I replied, 'How much will it be after discount?'. She ran off to fetch her giant calculator and happily tapped away at the big buttons. Very proud of herself, she handed the calculator to me and said, '7200 Baht after discount, Sir.'

'What?!!? Can this be wrong?'. I could hear my adrenalin pumping. Excitement rushes to my brain. I was sure I did not hear wrongly. So I enquired again. And yes, it was THB 7200! I then asked her how much discount will that be? She tap again at her calculator and almost immediately replied with a sense of pride, 'Sir, it's around 70% discount!'. To me, the number 70% was an immediate sale. Maybe I respond better with percentages of discounts rather than a price. 70% was definitely something of a joy to hear:-p A quick mental calculation on my part unveils the SGD amount to be about $320. And I would get a 7% VAT back..that means a pair of Tom Fords for about 300 bucks?!?!?!..such good luck! I checked the condition of the sunglasses as it was the last pair available. Not exactly the most perfect, but I would say 98% perfect. You can't ask for more at this incredible price. So I answered back with glee, 'I'd take this!'. She turns back and smile and ask if I want to buy a second item so I get a further 15% discount of the sale price for 2 item purchases. She even did a calculation on her giant calculator to let me know how much cheaper the sunglasses will be with that extra 15% discount. It will be THB 6120! Oh gosh, even cheaper. I scout around the store trying to find a second item. They were all women's items. Nothing really works. There was a YSL patent leather zipped wallet but I see no use for that. I saw a Givenchy Nightingale bag in medium size, but the strap was too short for guys. I checked out Miu Miu purses, but they seem too girly for me. Comme Des Garcon pouches were probably the closest I can buy from the shop. But those were not on sale and I gave up.

Contented with a fabulous find, I decided I will not buy anything unnecessary. As the saying goes, what you would not pay in full price, you should not buy even when they are on sale. So happily, I told the sales girl I just take the sunglasses and she prepared the VAT refund form for me and wrapped up my sunglasses. Gorgeous purple packaging and receipt envelope. Love it. Proudly I sling it onto my arms and stride out of the store, feeling a sense of overwhelming satisfaction I bagged a great deal.

So here you go, my Tom Ford shopping experience narrated in a novel form. I am trying to see if maybe there is a future for me in writing???? hahaha. Perhaps, only after I brushed up my vocabulary and spelling or in my dreams:-P

Ciao ciao.

PS. To be honest, this is just me typing all this long crap in BKK airport to kill time before boarding. Happy reading! Oh, I also love the velvet sunglasses pouch:-) This model also comes in all black colour.

Update: Got my credit card bill and the sunglasses amounts to just SGD $305.97 before VAT claim

Source: Professional pics from

Retail price: THB 24000. Where to buy: On Pedder at Gaysorn Plaza, Bangkok


Bagaholicboy said...

No modelling pics?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Modelling lah..I am a bit 'pai-seh' for closeup pics:-P

Ryo said...

Gosh! I would have died and gone to heaven if i were rich enough to own a pair of Tom Ford's shades... Kev, u are just so lucky, at this kind of price... it's a real bargain... and what a way to end 2008 with this blessed purchase... Congrats Kev, i'm happy for you and i'm proud of you for being a supreme formidable shopping conqueror! *Envy Envy*

oh fudge said...

what's "pai-seh"? said...

very nice! i love this pair!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Ryo,

Yeah, I agree..I was very lucky to find this pair of Tom Fords at such an amazing price. The website, sells the exact pair for US $495. No sale. I am truly happy about this.

And Joseph, yes, I love the sunglasses!

Allan, 'pai-seh' means 'shy' in Hokkien. I am having a little 'singlish' moment there:-P

Anonymous said...

Approximately how much is the givenchy nightingale? Is there 70% disc?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh, I did not enquire the price of the nightingale bag since it does not fit me. I assume it is like 70% discount. Not too sure.