Monday, 15 December 2008

My Shoe Collection #36


Below: Me modelling my sandals, this is where the 'HAIR' begins...Get ready...hahaha:-P

Below: Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009 Sandals (The model has hairy legs too. Is it a trend?:-P)

Below: Lanvin Spring Summer 2009 Sandals

Pierre Hardy Black Lamb Skin Strappy Double Wrap Sandals

First of the new addition to my shoe family from Friday. Yes, the 'ultra good deal' I got from Club 21's further reduction sale.

Presenting my very proud shopping conquest: Pierre Hardy Black Lamb Skin Strappy Double Wrap Sandals!

As you fashionable folks may have sniffed out already, next season's shoe trend is still revolving around the concept of gladiator styles. Strappy wraparound styles are abundant on the Spring Summer 2009 runways. The most prominent ones being Lanvin's strappy versions and Louis Vuitton's wraparound take on espadrilles. I have always love strap sandals. Especially the ones that can tie around your feet till ankle height. It is an interesting look for guys. We are so used to strap-free designs so it's refreshing to wear something that differs from the expected. It has a tropical summer look, reminiscent of Prince of Arabia, Roman Gladiators and all those macho alpha male types throughout history.

I was hoping to reward myself with a pair of shoe on Friday, upon hearing about the further markdowns at Club 21. I was on leave that day so what better timing than this. Prior to my haircut appointment, I drop by my favourite stores of Club 21 and did my rounds of 'helping the economy'. I had only allowed myself one pair of shoes. But fates seem to have it that my plans are not going to be adhered to.

When I read the promotional signboards that Fall Winter 2008/2009 shoes are on 50% sale for 1 pair and 60% for 2 while older season's shoes at 60% discount for 1 and 70% for 2, I knew I cannot pass up on the offer. I picked up a pair in an instant from the current season's stock. But my eyes were drawn to the past season designs which has a surprisingly good selection. Not some ugly leftovers that nobody wanted. One of the very first pair that caught my eye was this Pierre Hardy sandals. A perfect carry-over for next season. I had intended to get Lanvin's strap sandals for next season so this similar design from Pierre Hardy is not only a good substitute (It's gorgeous!) but it's a fraction of what I will be paying if I buy Lanvin.

The sandals came from Spring Summer 2007 season and was available in white as well. I think I must have miss out on these during that time. Who knows the design is being taken on till this very day! I love the extra long strap that double wraps around your ankle to create that gladiator look. As per the design style of Pierre Hardy, minimal hardware is used and hence only a small brass buckle is present to secure the straps. The lambskin crafted straps and footbed are very soft and super comfortable. I love the feeling of wearing it. It looks super chic with tailored shorts!

I had originally wanted to buy this and my other choice from current season, but since both were from different batches, I am not entitled to the special discount for buying 2 pairs. I took a moment to go for my haircut and plan my purchase. I do not want to get into impulse buying. During my haircut, my fondness for the Pierre Hardy sandals grew. I really like it. After the long 2 hour haircut session, I rushed back to Club 21 to get the shoes. I devised a clever plan to take advantage of the 70% special discount. That is...I buy another pair from the past season's range! How simple.:-P

By getting 2 pairs of shoes from past seasons, I got the super 70% discount for both pairs. The third pair from current season is still a bargain since it is on 50% sale. But I am most happy about this Pierre Hardy sandals becos' at the end of it all, I paid only SGD $245.70 (from the original price of SGD $819). Mighty cool! Pierre Hardy at such a price is just unbelievable!

Source: Model pics from

Retail price: SGD $819. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


Anonymous said...

geez i thought the shoe was pony hair or something.

Anyway I like it! Can tell this is very you lol, don't you have a few like these? Lanvin reveals now I can't wait!

Terence Sambo said...

i'm so in love with these sandals i'm very envious right now

oh fudge said...

oooh nice sandals.

you know, that's my frustration here in Denmark.

one can only wear sandals in about a month. then it's cold again.

on the other hand, one could wear scarves during those cold 11 months. :-)

thompsonboy said...

Alla, dunch be jealous, you can do alot of layering and jacket stuff while it's only short pants and t shirts for us. Anything thicker, people will think you are mad.

Anyway...time for a wax for you!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Guys, glad you liked the sandals. It's incredibly cheap!:-P

ANd yes, Allan, we would wear a couple of months less of sandals in exchange for cooler weather!

And terence, dun be envious...spring summer will see lots of these!

and Jon, yes, lanvin reveals soon!

Anonymous said...

what size are they....

Anonymous said...

Ooh, the sandals and the legs are hot!

Unknown said...

your legs look great and good enough to "eat" don't mind what they say!
Love your blog love you!!
Pedro From Portugal

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,

I am wearing size 41 for the sandals.

And freshmess, hope you have a good holiday in Manila with family! Glad you like the sandals. LV ones for you next season?

and Pedro...oh my..good enuff to eat?...hahaha.

Thanks for your support of my blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the sandals, hair on the leg is fine, but the hair on your feet may need a trim. :D

Anonymous said...

actually, the leg hair is fine la.
if u trim it, you 'll make it grow more?

nice sandals. but too bad i have no chance to wear...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

Nice sandals and sexy legs!

Pierre Hardy shoes are on sale now on Barneys NY and am considering whether to get them.

Or should i get the Lanvin, Balenciaga, Dior instead?


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Meng,

buy what you think works for you! dun just buy becos of sale:-P

Happy Shopping!