Saturday, 22 August 2009

Gender Bender #50

Givenchy Medium Avenue Bag In Brown Distressed Leather

Givenchy has one of the most avant garde and interesting accessories collection for both men and women. Especially the women's shoes and bags which are simply so outstanding that many brands are mimicking and fashion editors are embracing their looks.

One of the recurring bag designs which works seamlessly as arm candy for women and as well as men, is the Givenchy Avenue Bag:-) This bag was first blogged about here a few months back, but it seems the huge size of the maxi version (50cm) did not go too well for the petite arms of ladies. (But, little do many men know, it fits seamlessly against a guy's build!) So this season, Givenchy offered us a medium size version of the Avenue Bag (at a 40cm width and 25cm height), perhaps to ensure the ladies will 'adopt' them:-P. It's an inbetween size for an oversize handbag and a medium size duffel bag. So the size is great to cater to both genders. The simple and edgy design helps in allowing this bag remain neutral. The cool bag features 2 rows of covered hardware on the front and back, gold tone chain link handles with a brass 'dog tag' zipper pull embossed with Givenchy's Paris address. I appreciate all these fine detailing and refreshing touches. The brown distressed version also add more charm and appeal to the already cool duffel style bag. (Comes in black too:-P)

All in all, a real arm candy, even for a guy!

Source: My Theresa

Retail price: €1.098,00. Where to buy:

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