Thursday, 4 June 2009

Gender Bender #44

Givenchy Maxi Avenue Bag

Givenchy bags has a certain dark edge to their designs. A blend of Gothic and catholic influences which somewhat gives me a rock star vibe of heavy metal and black leather. Hence, the bag designs can sometimes cross gender boundaries and fit as well in the arms of a woman or even a man.

This Givenchy Maxi Avenue Bag is another of those bags. I love the simple shape and design, but the main draw for the bag is the chain details on the underside of the leather handles. It's subtle but yet visible. Sumptuous leather also makes the bag have a certain sex appeal... Love it.

Source: Givenchy


James Gan said...

Hey, I love your blog!

Gosh! You really have good taste for bags!!

Now, I make it a point to read ur blog on a regular basis, when I see your new splurt, I went gaga!

Seeing someone buying beautiful bags after bags, really thrill me!

Wish I have the spending power like you, :) good on you..

You go boy!

Nikki said...

the third color is my ultimate fave! i was waiting for that color on the nightingale but went ahead when i saw the blue.

how big is this bag?

justlaidback said...

I saw this bag in navy today in Joseph in westbourne grove! it was on 60% discount!!! I was quite surprised by it cos this is the end of sale but they had a navy one! HOWEVER, I couldn't buy it as while i was thinking somebody took it! hoooooooooooooooooooo. anyway the leather was sooooooo good!